Chemical plant pump

Chemical plant pump overview:

Chemical plant pump is single stage single suction cantilever type centrifugal pump, its point of mark, performance rating and size equivalent adopt international standard ISO2858-1975 (E), has a wide range of performance, high efficiency, “three” level is high and maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, its efficiency is increased by 5% on average than F type pump, determine the ministry of machinery to replace F type corrosion resistance of the centrifugal pump energy saving, updated products. It is used to transport liquids with corrosive and water-like viscosity without solid particles.

Chemical plant pump

Chemical plant pump transfer medium temperature is -20℃ ~ 105℃, need to use double end sealing cooling device, can transfer medium temperature is 20℃ ~ +280℃. It is used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, metallurgy industry, electric power industry, papermaking industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection industry, wastewater treatment industry and synthetic fiber industry, etc.

Chemical plant pump performance range:

Flow Q: 6.3 ~ 400m3/h head h: 5 ~ 132m

Rotation speed n: 2900, 1450r/min with power: 0.55 ~ 110KW

Inlet diameter: 50 ~ 200mm maximum working pressure: 1.6mpa

There are 29 basic types of pump in chemical plant, among which 22 two-speed (2900, 1450r/min) have been cut into 112 specifications after two types of impeller diameters: A and B.

Chemical plant pump installation instructions

1, the installation of the pump is reasonable, has a very important impact on the normal operation and service life of the pump, so before the installation must be carefully corrected, not sloppy, pump shape and installation size.
2, the pump must ensure that the work does not exceed its allowed cavitation allowance. The suction height or reverse irrigation height of the pump must be determined according to the cavitation margin characteristics of the pump, the resistance loss characteristics of the pipeline and the suction level pressure of the high-temperature water.
In the case of pump suction, a bottom valve should be installed in the suction pipe, and a soil liquid screw hole or valve should be set on the outlet pipe for pumping before starting.
In the case of reverse pumping, valve and filter should be installed in the suction pipe to avoid debris.
3. There should be another support for the suction and discharge pipelines, which cannot be supported by the pump.
4, the installation of the pump site, should be easy to circuit inspection and maintenance.
5. Installation sequence
(1) the unit on the basis of buried anchor bolts, between the base and the foundation to place a pair of wedge pad for alignment.
(2) loosen the coupling. Place the water level at either the pump shaft or the base, adjust the toilet seat, find the right level of the unit, and tighten the anchor bolts properly to prevent walkabout.
(3) with concrete casting base and foot screw hole.
(4) after being concrete dry, should tighten the anchor bolts, ^ and to check the pump shaft 氷 pingdu.
(5) in the pipeline and determine the prime mover rotation direction, connected with the coupling, check again the axis of concentricity, measuring the coupling of the outer park up and down, around the difference shall not exceed 0.1mm, the two coupling end clearance, in a week between the maximum and minimum mi difference shall not exceed 0.3mm.
6 in the unit actual operation 3-4 hours after the final inspection, if there is no bad phenomenon, it is considered qualified installation.

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