Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in Vacuum Transportation Application

Vacuum transportation is widely used in chemical raw materials, plastics, food, grain and other industries. Most of the above industries will produce particulate dust or liquid during production and processing. Therefore, liquid ring vacuum pump or liquid ring vacuum unit are most suitable for vacuum transmission.

Vacuum conveying is the use of vacuum suction to transfer or enhance the material, which has the advantages of:

Material does not need to pass through the pump body, so as to avoid the phenomenon of material being heated, pressed and mixed in the process of conveying, and to ensure that the material is not deformed, not doped and no deterioration. If the corrosive material is sucked, no leakage is ensured.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2BE1, 2BE3 series of liquid-ring vacuum pumps can be used, but when choosing, we should choose the appropriate liquid-ring vacuum pump according to the actual production. Because of the different materials that need to be transported in vacuum, different pipeline designs must be adopted in pipeline design to ensure safety and durability.


Vacuum Conveying Equipment in Production Application

Negative pressure conveying is vacuum conveying. It uses a fully closed conveying system to transfer bulk materials (powder, particle), which completely eliminates the pollution of the environment caused by material leakage and the harm to the operator’s body, as well as the pollution of the surrounding environment to the material.

There are many kinds of negative pressure sources for vacuum feeding equipment, such as vacuum generator, liquid ring vacuum pump, Roots blower, etc. The advantages of vacuum generator are small size, light weight, easy installation, and can be used in clean workshop. The pneumatic vacuum feeder adopts jet vacuum pump. The vacuum generator generates high vacuum under the action of compressed air to transport materials. It does not need mechanical vacuum pump. It has simple structure, small volume, maintenance-free, low noise, convenient control, and can eliminate static electricity of materials. It fully meets the requirements of GMP.

Layering of materials in the transportation process is also a problem that puzzles the solid preparation industry. Because of the difference of particle size and density of materials, the layering of powder particles will occur. The vacuum feeding system of Rche TLC series adopts reasonable airflow model, material shape control and soft landing technology of powder materials to operate the materials. Effective trajectory control can fundamentally solve the problem of delamination in powder conveying process.

In the process of material conveying, the function of filter is to separate powder material and air, that is, to let air pass through, and leave powder material in the hopper of feeder, which is the key component of vacuum feeder. When used in clean workshop, the powder of material can not be found in the air through which filter aperture is required. Certification of certain permeability, but also effectively prevent the passage of materials. In each discharge process, the reverse blowing device starts at the same time to clean up the material bonded to the filter.

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