Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump for electroplating metal crystallization

Electroplating is one of the surface treatments of metals. Vacuum plays an important role in coating industry, surface treatment and drying process. It always provides reliable and economical vacuum pump and vacuum device for vacuum coating, vacuum drying and surface treatment industry. Thin film layers are prepared in vacuum, including electrodeposited films of crystalline elements or compounds, such as metals, semiconductors, or insulators. The application of two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump in electroplating metal crystallization is very suitable.

As for the two concepts of metal crystallization and electroplating, let’s first understand them.

Metal crystallization is composed of two basic processes: core formation and core growth. That is, metal is a process from liquid cooling to solid state, from irregular arrangement of atoms to regular arrangement of atoms. The process of material from liquid to solid is called solidification. Since the liquid metal is generally crystal after solidification, the process of liquid metal to solid metal is also called crystallization.

Electroplating is the process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on the surface of some metals based on the principle of electrolysis. It is a process of using electrolysis to attach a layer of metal film on the surface of metals or other materials, so as to prevent metal oxidation (such as rust), improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflectance, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.) and enhance aesthetics.

Why can two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump be used for electroplating metal crystallization?

The rotary vane vacuum pump can be used alone or as a pre pump or pre pumping pump for other high vacuum pumps or ultra-high vacuum pumps. Rotary vane pump is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum, medicine and other production and scientific research departments.


two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump structure features:

1. The first cylinder is placed outside the body, with fast heat dissipation.

2. Use the spring-free spinner

3. Adopt forced oil supply mode, stable exhaust performance

4. Oil pressure type oil check structure is adopted to solve the difficulty of restart caused by power failure or unexpected pump stop oil flowing into the pump body

5. Compared with the traditional method, the application advantages of two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump in electroplating metal crystallization are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1.) Make the plastic surface conductive;

(2.) Easy to clean, no vacuum;

(3.) Improve the appearance, smooth surface, metallic luster, greatly improve the decoration;

(4.) Reduce the water absorption, the more coating times, the less pinholes, the lower water absorption, the product is not easy to deform, and the heat resistance is improved;

(5.) Improve the surface hardness. The original plastic surface is softer and more susceptible to damage than metal. Through vacuum coating technology, the hardness and wear resistance are greatly improved;

6. It can improve the weather resistance. Generally, the outside of the plastic will age quickly. The main reason is ultraviolet radiation. After aluminum plating, aluminum has the strongest ultraviolet reflection.

There are many advantages in the application of vacuum pump coating: if it is environmental protection, it is a green environmental protection process; it has no harm to the operator; the film layer is solid, dense, corrosion-resistant, and the film thickness is uniform. With the rapid development of global manufacturing industry, vacuum coating technology is a new material synthesis and processing technology, which is surface engineering technology. An important part of this field, and the application of vacuum coating technology is more and more extensive.

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