ZJ-52T resistance vacuum gauge

This type of regulator adopts the stabilized hot wire with minimal heat capacity as the vacuum sensing element, and has the functions of automatic compensation of ambient temperature and dust protection, with wide range, quick response, anti-pollution, anti-oxidation, small drift, long life, stable performance, etc. It is especially suitable for coarse and low vacuum measurement.

ZJ-52T resistance vacuum gauge

Main technical parameters:

Measurement range :1X105 — 1×10-1pa
Filament material: tungsten wire (platinum wire or nickel chromium wire is optional)
Filament ling resistance: 86.6 + / – 1.7 Ω (23 + / – 3 ℃)
Filament temperature: 40-300 ℃
Fragmentation: not more than ±25%(3X103 — 1×10-1Pa)
Vacuum connection type and baking temperature:
Ф pipe is 15.5 + / – 0.5 80 ℃
Ф 15.5 + / – 0.1 metal straight tube 80 ℃
KF10 quick discharge flange 80℃
KF16 quick discharge flange 80℃
KF25 quick discharge flange 80℃
KF40 quick discharge flange 80℃
CF16 ultra high flange 450℃
CF25 ultra high flange 450℃
CF35 ultra-high flange 450℃

resistance vacuum gauge size

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