Resistance and ionization compound vacuum gauge ZDF-III-LED

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ZDF―Ⅲ series resistance/ ionization compound vacuum gauge which is based on low vacuum measuring resistance unit ( ZJ – 52T resistance gauge pipe) and high vacuum measuring ionization unit (ZJ-27 ionization gauge pipe) technology combination realizes vacuum measurements and control of 1×105~1×10-5Pa.Therefore, the vacuum gauge series not only has all the technical information and performance characteristics of the resistance vacuum gauge and the ionization vacuum gauge,but also has its own new features. The gauge series has two operating modes: manual mode and automatic mode. When it is in manual mode, it is equal to independent resistance vacuum gauge and cold-cathodic ionization vacuum gauge; when it is in automatic mode, the resistance unit goes into the measurement until the resistance unit can not measure the vacuum degree which is high enough for the ionization gauge pipe to turn on, the ionization gauge pipe filament automatically is illuminated and enters a high vacuum measurement, enabling automatic continuous measurement from low to high vacuum.What’s more, the gauge can also switch on/off ionization gauge pipe by external PLC to realize some degrees of vacuum environment and prolong its working life. Part of the models using a switching power supply and switching DC power drive power stability of the ionization of the filament launch circuit, to achieve a highly integrated no-frequency transformer design, to achieve the ionization of the filament cold preheating slow start, to overcome the ionization gauge filament cold start-up overshoot phenomenon, to prolong the life of the pipe, to achieve wide adaptive capacity ofalternating current power supply(AC / 90V ~ 260V),and to achieve a wide cable length adaptive capacity (3-30 meters), which is the current new ionization gauge filament drive stability technology. In order to adapt to the vacuum equipment automation technology, we collect some extensive features such as powerful relay contact control, serial communication, vacuum analog and other expansion functions.The gauge series is especially suitable for vacuum degree from atmospheric pressure to high vacuum measurement and control of vacuum application equipment whose ultimate vacuum is 10-3-10-4Pa, and working vacuum is 10-2-10-3Pa.


1. LED green screen digital display

2. wide measuring range

3.High reactive speed

4.The microprocessor can fix nonlinearity of the vacuum gauge pipe, which can reduce measurement error

5.Precise vacuum signal can amplify circuit and stabilize zero point and full span

6.A wide stable transmission loop is adapted to regulate and stabilize the emission current of ionization gauge

7.Automatic switching of full range without manual shift.

8.The gauge pipe over-range protected automatically will not be damaged by the sudden exposure of its system to the atmosphere

9.Photolectric isolation, digital filtering, higher anti-jamming ability, stable and reliable vacuum measurement

10. Functional and modular structural design

11.Point control or regional control which can be set to upper and lower zones

12. Point control has power-down memory function

13.Simplified function button and simple operation so that the gauge pipe can not be damaged due to operation error.

14. PVC colorful panels with elegant appearance


Technical Information:  

1.Vacuum gauge pipe: ZJ-52T resistance gauge pipe andZJ-27 ionization gauge pipe

2.Measuring range:

continuous measurement (automatically)1×105~1×10-5Pa
independent measurement(manually)resistance unit 1×105~1×10-1Pa;ionization unit 5~1×10-5Pa

3.Measuring path: 1 low , 1 high

4.Controlling range:

resistance unit 2.5×103Pa ~1×100Pa
ionization unit  1×100~1×10 -4Pa

5.Controlling path: 4paths can be expanded to 4 paths or 8 paths

6. Controlling accuracy: ±1%

7. Controlling method:relay contact output,load capacity AC220V/3A (or DC28V/3A) non-inductive load

8.Degassing method:Joule degassing

9.Instrument sampling time:1S

10. power supply: 90-260V/50Hz or220V±10% 50Hz

11.power consumption: 55W

12.weight: 6Kg/5Kg/4Kg(depends on its size)

13.size: 240×88×280 or 480×88×280 or 265 ×119 × 280  or 480 × 119 × 280(width×height×depth)

Optional extension features and its options:

1.Optional features: 0~5/10V /10mV,0/4~10/20mA analog quantity output of vacuum degree

2.Optional features: RS232 ,RS485single-way or double-way USB

3. Optional features: printer and its interface

4. Options of gauge pipe interface:15.5external diameter of glass gauge pipe;

15.5 external diameter of metal straight pipe DN16/25/35CF ;DN10/16/25/40KF;NPT;VCR;G pipe screw thread these different interfaces

5.Options of wire length:3m/5m/10m/15m/20m/25m/30m……to 100 m


1. effective measurement range of resistance unit:3×103~5×10-1 Pa, 1×105~3×103Pa and 5×10-1~1×10-1 Pa (The measurements are for reference only)

2.The measured value of resistance unit (used in dry air or nitrogen calibration) is related to the composition of the gas. If the vacuum degree of special gas needs to be measured, the vacuum gauge of other corresponding models should be used.

3. The two units of vacuum gauge can be measured and displayed four paths simultaneously in one case (two low vacuum, two high vacuum).

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