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EVP is a leading manufacturer supplier of vacuum solutions to the chemical, petroleum, power, paper, mining, environmental, food and wastewater treatment industries. For more than a century, we have been trusted by our customers to provide quality, reliability, value and performance.
With global after-sales marketing, service and support networks, we can provide immediate solutions to the most complex challenges. Our ISO Certification Service Center is located in the main industrial area. Equipped with OEM parts, factory trained technicians and professional tools, we provide remanufacturing services and rapid maintenance, which are guaranteed by our manufacturers.

Next, we introduce three series of small vacuum pumps in our company:

2BV2 liquid ring vacuum pump

2BV2 liquid ring vacuum pump

A glance at the advantages
The overall structure is especially suitable for plastics and medical industries.
Solid and reliable.
Provide a variety of material combinations, such as stainless steel, bronze, ceramics and cast iron with ceramic coating.
Because the ceramic coating is durable.
It can be customized.
Long-term corrosion resistance and corrosion.
The pump part adopts reinforced stainless steel shaft.
Roller bearings with additional lubrication tanks can provide safe and maintenance-free operation even under heavy loads.
IE3/Nema Premium can be provided upon request.
Devices with closed or partial water loops can be used as standard systems.
Technical characteristics
Volume flow rate is 23 to 145 m/h
Volume flow rate 15.9 to 85.3 CFM

2BV5 liquid ring vacuum pump

2BV5 liquid ring vacuum pump

Combining Quality Structure with Reliability
Combining the simple structure of 2BV5 with high quality materials, the machine can be extremely reliable. These pumps have corrosion-free compression chambers, including stainless steel body, shaft and port plates, which provide excellent corrosion resistance and corrosive media. More importantly, the use of non-corrosive materials, even if inactive for a long time, can also ensure that a moving part (rotor) can rotate freely.
Fast delivery on a global scale
The 2BV5 is equipped with a very versatile motor that can be installed almost anywhere in the world. The motor has a wide voltage range, IP55 enclosure, suitable for 50/60 Hz service. It also meets international standards, including UL and CSA.
main features
Compact and portable design of integral pump and motor
Corrosion resistance
Quiet operation
No additional substrates, joints or protective devices are required, which increases installation costs, complexity and overall size.
Design complies with ATEX 94/9 EC
Most distribution centers and major manufacturing locations have stocks

2BV6 liquid ring vacuum pump

2BV6 liquid ring vacuum pump

The 2BV6 liquid ring vacuum compressor is a vacuum pump designed for lanterns, usually equipped with Atex explosion-proof motor. We can also provide bare-shaft vacuum compressors with support brackets in case customers need to use their own motors.
We provide the same shape size for bolt replacement and the same performance as the original Nash pump. We also provide spare parts for repairing the original Nash 2BV6 pump.
Material Science
Cast iron adopts SS304 rotor, SS304, SS316L, SS321, SS2205, and standard shaft seal is mechanical seal.
quality certification
Has ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, CE and Atex EU Certificate

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