Customized vacuum system in Industry

Vacuum system is more and more widely used in various industries. Such as electronic processing vacuum system, battery production vacuum system, evaporation and distillation vacuum system, waste liquid (waste acid water, waste alkali water, waste oil water, etc.) recovery vacuum system, material concentration and crystallization vacuum system, food industry vacuum system, etc.

Based on our preliminary investigation and understanding. The vast majority of users are purchase orders for vacuum pumps, which are combined by themselves. However, most of the users do not know the performance and use state of the vacuum pump, especially the liquid ring vacuum pump, and their professional knowledge is not deep, which results in high use cost and even shortens the service life of the equipment.

After several years of exploration, we have established a vacuum system application research and development center. Special personnel have been specially assigned to design and trial produce liquid ring vacuum system suitable for different industries, especially in material distillation crystallization vacuum system, waste liquid (waste acid liquid, waste alkali liquid, waste oil water, etc.) recovery vacuum system, automatic water diversion vacuum system and so on. We can also customize the vacuum system according to the industry.

In the application of vacuum system, the extracted gas not only includes all kinds of gases produced in the application process, but also includes the original atmospheric air in the system, etc. so, what are the general ones?

1. Some gases produced in the process of vacuum system

It includes the gases released by materials used in the process and the gases introduced by the process, and the gases evaporated from the liquid / solid in the vacuum system are also included. The calculation of the amount of gases in different processes and materials to be treated is quite different.

2. Original atmospheric gas in vacuum system

In the vacuum system, there are a certain amount of atmospheric gas components in the straight empty container chamber and vacuum pipeline. At the beginning of pumping, it is the main gas load of the vacuum system, and it is also the first to be pumped out by the system.

3. Leakage gas in air system

Leakage gas refers to some gases that enter the vacuum system through the leakage of atmosphere through the vacuum sealing connection and various leakage channels. For a certain vacuum system, the amount of leakage gas is a constant. Different application of vacuum system and different limit pressure have strict restrictions on the amount of leakage gas.

4. Gas released by surface desorption of materials in vacuum system

Under normal pressure, the material surface in the vacuum system will absorb and dissolve part of the gas. In the state of negative pressure, they will be released again, and the flow rate of gas has a lot to do with material performance, treatment process and material surface state.

5. Part of the air outside the vacuum system penetrates into the system through the wall materials

Gases also dissolve and penetrate in solids. Therefore, the atmosphere will permeate some gases into the vacuum system through the vessel wall structural materials. This kind of permeation may not be considered in general metal system, but some applications in glass vacuum system or thin-walled metal system will need to consider some effects of permeation gas.


Customized vacuum system in Industry

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