Air compressors for refineries

Why oil refineries use air compressors

Almost as long as oil itself is a commodity, air compressor plays a crucial role in oil refining. It was discovered by chance that oil production was a by-product of mining wells. Centuries ago, when drillers went deep into the land to find clean drinking water, they sometimes found oil. In these pre industrial times, humans used little oil because it was before modern medicine and the invention of automobiles. Encountering oil is a kind of trouble, often a water spoiler.

In the 19th century, with the popularization of mechanical engineering, petroleum was recognized for its own use. Soon, entrepreneurs came up with ways to sell oil to consumers and companies. By the turn of the century, people have found the use of oil in medicine and machine products. The game is now developing the most effective method of oil drilling.

Early drilling depended on spring rods, but the development of petroleum industry made it necessary to drill deep into the ground. The invention of the rotary drill made it possible.

Decades later, rotary drilling technology has become more advanced, eventually introducing compressed air and gas systems. In recent years, air compressor has become more and more common in oil field, and the flare of oil gas has become a by-product of oil treatment process. The introduction of compressors into the refining process has resulted in improved pipeline flow and many other benefits.

Air compressors for refineries

Air compressors for refineries

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