Vacuum Pump Unit in Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace of technology of development

The development of vacuum heat treatment process is inseparable from the development of equipment. Improving the equipment technology level to meet the process requirements is often closely related to the development of supporting parts technology.

Vacuum Pump Unit in Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace of technology of development

Vacuum pump unit of expansion

Before the invention of incandescent bulb in 1873, the vacuum was mainly obtained by piston type air extractor, but the vacuum degree could only reach 0.25 Torr. Then the electronic tube manufacturing technology begged for higher vacuum degree, which promoted the development of vacuum technology. Therefore, various vacuum pump units were successively presented: rotary mercury pump (1905), oil seal rotary pump (1907), molecular pump (1913) and diffusion pump (1915). The invention of diffusion pump makes the vacuum technology enter the stage of high vacuum degree (about 10-8 wool). With the development of modern science and technology, such as accelerators, thermonuclear reaction devices, large-scale vacuum protection, etc., it is requested to establish necessary vacuum degree in large volume space. Therefore, by the early 1960s, the exhaust speed of the diffusion pump had reached tens of thousands of L / s.
However, as far as the vacuum degree required by vacuum heat treatment is concerned, it is enough to reach 1×10-2 ~ 1×10-4 Torr, and only in special cases can the vacuum degree of 1×10-5 ~ 1X10-6 Torr be used. Therefore, the vacuum pump unit commonly used in vacuum heat treatment furnace is composed of mechanical pump and oil evaporation diffusion pump.

Diffusion pump unit ordering for instructions

1、 Please provide the following detailed data:
① Product name and model of diffusion pump unit
② The vacuum degree of diffusion pump unit is required to be PA or MPa
③ The pumping speed of diffusion pump unit is required in L / s or m3 / min
④ Service conditions and working conditions of diffusion pump unit
⑤ Motor power of diffusion pump unit (kw)
⑥ Speed of diffusion pump unit (R / min)
⑦ Voltage of diffusion pump unit [v]
⑧ Inlet and outlet diameter of diffusion pump unit
⑨ Whether the diffusion pump unit is equipped with accessories, so that we can select the right type for you.

2、 If the product model of our company’s diffusion pump unit has been selected by the design unit, please order directly from the company’s sales department according to the diffusion pump unit model.

3、 When the application occasion is very important or the environment is complex, please provide the design drawings and detailed parameters as far as possible, and our technical experts will confirm the selection for you.

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