central vacuum system for tray sealing machine

In the cheese making process, the latest production plant seems to be the same as the traditional production. The difference is that the product is packaged with carbon dioxide shielding gas. In addition, the tray will be vacuumized with modern technology before using this gas for treatment, and the central vacuum system will be used to provide vacuum for all tray sealer packaging machines.

In the cheese making process, the production time is up to 18 hours per day. Then, clean the workshop. The cheese products in quantitative parts are packed with carbon dioxide protective gas. The packaging production line runs for an average of 12 hours a day, depending on the season. Most packaging lines are fully automated. This means that the packaging line can automatically slice, divide and load cheese into pallets. Next, the tray is fed into a closed packaging room. Then, vacuum the packaging room to a vacuum of four to five mbar. After that, add carbon dioxide, seal the tray with flat foil, open the vacuum chamber, deliver the newly completed split package directly to the adjacent chamber through the belt, and finally execute the outer packaging process and pick goods according to the order in the adjacent chamber.

The vacuum required for packaging on all packaging production lines is generated by a central vacuum system. The vacuum pump is placed in a separate room outside the packaging room. Use this arrangement to prevent waste heat from the vacuum pump from entering the production area, which has to be cooled to 6 ℃. In this way, the increase of power consumption of air conditioning system can be avoided, and the noise emission in the workplace can also be reduced.


The central vacuum system which can integrate the existing vacuum pump is designed and implemented. The central vacuum system is connected to each tray sealer in the packaging line through a 100 meter long loop. There are seven rotary vane vacuum pumps in the loop.

Due to the need to make full use of the old vacuum pump, the installed equipment has different pumping rates and structural dimensions. The rotary vane vacuum pump is also installed in the central vacuum system. The system control device is designed so that the vacuum pump in the loop can guarantee the vacuum degree between four and five mbar. This vacuum remains stable and unaffected by demand. If not all packers need to operate at full load, or do not need to complete the largest number of packaging units in the shortest period, only those vacuum pumps actually needed by the process will be operated. The vacuum pump loop is also used as a vacuum buffer to maintain the required vacuum all the time. This can help to shorten the packaging cycle as much as possible, because the vacuum chamber can generate the required vacuum immediately after closing, and quickly exhaust the air.

This control device can save energy significantly, that is to say, make use of resources in a sustainable way. Since the start of central vacuum system, it has been running reliably. The rotary vane vacuum pump has been proved to be able to operate continuously and stably.

The maintenance work is simple. In this work, use the original spare parts. In addition, as a basic principle, only vacuum pump oil can be used. These vacuum pump oils are specially formulated for rotary vane vacuum pumps to ensure high vacuum. With the special oil of vacuum pump, a certain amount of water vapor can be delivered through the vacuum pump to prevent the generation of condensate that will reduce the vacuum performance.

Another advantage of the central vacuum system lies in the maintenance work: the technical service personnel can perform the maintenance work without entering the production room. Instead, all work can be done in a separate engineering room with a vacuum system installed.

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