Vacuum pump for fish and shrimp pond ventilation

Fish and shrimp pond ventilation

The use of annular gas fans or liquid ring pumps can significantly increase the oxygen content of the water, thus doubling or tripling the amount of fish in the pond. In this process, air is extracted from the atmosphere and fed through the inlet into the oxygenating pipe. The air then mixes with the water through a small opening, creating little bubbles. Oxygen in the water promotes fish growth and rapid reproduction, resulting in a significant increase in fish production.

The vacuum pump used for ventilation of fish and shrimp ponds is introduced below:

Vacuum pump for fish and shrimp pond ventilation

Liquid ring vacuum pump of operation

Do you understand the operation of liquid ring vacuum pump? Do not understand it does not matter, the following small make up for you to introduce, all look at the relevant article introduced.

Liquid ring vacuum pump operation, to constantly fill with water to maintain the pump liquid seal, also plays a cooling role, but the pump can cause vacuum degree is limited by the temperature of the water in the pump body.

Liquid ring vacuum pump can avoid direct contact between the pumped gas and the pump shell, so long as the impeller is made of corrosion-resistant material when the corrosive gas is pumped. The liquid injected into the pump must not react with gas. For example, air can be pumped with water, and nitrogen can be pumped with concentrated sulfuric acid. It should also be noted that the liquid used should not contain solid particles, otherwise, the impeller and shell will often suffer from wear and tear, reducing the ability to pump air.

Single-stage steam jet pump can only get 90% of the vacuum, if you want to get more than 95% of the vacuum, you can use several steam jet pump series together, you can get a greater vacuum.

Liquid ring vacuum pump process management

The fruit of the liquid ring vacuum pump in accelerating its products into practice produces, constantly showing products of all power, combined with all its application advantages in function, push the performance of the whole product use effect, using advanced can yield production, accelerate the advantage of the entire drive, with high quality and using power to promote the development of the entire product strength, improved yield strength level of the device, to accelerate the quality of the whole function of progress, useful products used to play.

With the efficient production management mode, under the environment of the practical processing process and quality assurance, the advanced liquid ring vacuum pump is driven by the use of its advantages, constantly improving the play of its useful functions and expanding the useful development of its product strength.

Under the premise of strengthening all the advantages of the products, we should use the high-efficient quality strength to show the progress of the use of all the products, and constantly accelerate the progress of the enterprise’s practice and production level according to the solid product function.

The yield of liquid ring vacuum pump has a prominent role, also led products using the function of push, abundant show the all the advantages of the enterprise, the useful combination of advanced technical strength based on open, about the progress of product development has a higher function, showing all the strength of the product.

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