Syrian liquid ring vacuum pump supplier

Today we introduce the application of Syrian liquid ring vacuum pump supplier in engraving machine.

What is the vacuum pump for carving machine? How to choose vacuum pump for carving machine?

Engraving machine from the processing principle is a combination of drilling and milling processing equipment, engraving machine a variety of data input mode according to the needs of ease. The computer engraver has the laser engraving and the mechanical carving two kinds, these two kinds all have the high power and the small power cent.

Special vacuum pump for carving machine is liquid ring vacuum pump, usually the use of carving machine with special vacuum set for carving machine, water ring vacuum pump is characterized by high efficiency and energy saving, few wearing parts, mechanical seal, etc.

The special vacuum pump set of carving machine is composed of automatic water circulating water tank, liquid ring vacuum pump and a set of automatic control equipment, which is suitable for the special vacuum set of carving machine, blister machine and chemical equipment.

It is characterized by energy saving, environmental protection, water saving, no maintenance, durable, large suction capacity, strong adsorption.

The commonly used power models of liquid ring vacuum pump used by carving machine are generally 4.0kw,5.5kw,7.5k, etc., and the vacuum adsorption strength varies with different powers.

Engraving machine selected liquid ring vacuum pump.

Syrian liquid ring vacuum pump supplier

The main components of liquid ring vacuum pump are as follows:

1. Suction port: connect the adsorption pipe of woodworking carving machine.

2. Dust removal: prevent wood chips and other sundries from entering the pump.

3. Check valve: prevent backflow of water in the pump into the equipment when the machine is shut down.

4. Inlet pipe: inject working fluid into the pump to generate vacuum.

5. Water inlet door: control the flow of working fluid. Before starting the machine, the valve must be fully opened and the water must enter the pump before starting the vacuum pump

6. Drain port: after the equipment is in use for about 10 days, drain the working fluid in the water tank and replace it with clean softened water.

7. Exhaust port: the gas generated in the adsorption process shall be discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust port. The exhaust port shall not be blocked

No motor.

8. Upper water level opening: add water to the water tank until the upper water level opening drips water outward. Add water regularly before starting the vacuum pump every day to ensure that the water tank is filled with fixed working fluid

Water tank: hold working fluid.

So what should we pay attention to before using liquid ring pump?

Special reminder: every time you open the vacuum pump, you must ensure that there is working fluid inside the vacuum pump! And the working liquid level should reach above the motor shaft.

There are many special vacuum pumps for carving machines. According to the needs of customers, the power and flow rate are used to decide which type of water ring vacuum pump to choose.

Because is the carving machine special vacuum pump, the liquid ring vacuum pump USES the scope is very extensive, it may be used in: the advertising industry, the craft industry, the mold industry, the electronic industry, the construction industry, the printing packing industry, the wood industry, the decoration industry, the crystal product industry and so on.

Carving machine special liquid ring because of large suction volume, wide range of use, has become the primary choice of many carving machine manufacturers.

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