New large capacity turbomolecular vacuum pump

The new high capacity turbo molecular vacuum pump maximizes the performance

New large capacity turbomolecular vacuum pump

EVP, a leading global manufacturer of vacuum equipment and exhaust treatment systems and associated value-added services, today launched the large capacity turbo molecular pump. The product is designed to save more money for manufacturers of semiconductors, flat-panel displays, leds and solar panels.

The new turbopump is an integrated solution with improved pumping performance. It employs the latest rotor design and a mature and highly reliable range of airborne controllers to maximize the allowable air flow, thereby minimizing the number of turbo pumps required for high-flow processes, especially in solar and flat panel applications. The pump integrated controller eliminates the need for cables and independent controller racks, thus saving costs, and is compact and easy to install quickly in a variety of applications. In addition, as with all of our maglev turbopumps, the feature of no mechanical bearing virtually eliminates the cost of regular maintenance.

The turbopump’s high pumping speed (4300 l/s N2) and high flow (up to 4300 SCCM N2) combined with its effective pumping capacity for light and heavy gases make it ideal for many different high-flow, high-mobility applications, including semiconductor etching, LCD etching, glass coating, solar PVD and PVD coating. Its highly integrated design includes a fully sealed electronic module for robust and reliable operation in the most demanding factory environments. A heating system can be added as needed to reduce the accumulation of sediments and particles from the by-products of the process.

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