Air compressor in construction industry

Air compressor in construction industry application

The application of air compressor is very extensive, the majority of enterprises in the building materials industry use air compressor as material transport and stirring power, mine drilling blasting and vehicle maintenance and equipment cleaning also inseparable from air compressor. Its main function is to compress the air under normal pressure into a gas with a certain pressure. There are two ways of air compressor configuration in the enterprise, that is, the centralized establishment of air compressor station, the whole plant with the wind by the distribution of pipe network throughout the whole plant and each with the wind point with the small compressor respectively for the wind. The former has the advantages of high equipment utilization, stable pressure, low failure rate and lower total cost than dispersed wind supply. The latter is easy to use, flexible scheduling, no need to set up a special post. According to the working principle of the air compressor is divided into reciprocating piston type, slide type, rotary screw type. The piston machine USES the rotary motion of the power machine (motor or turbine) to become the reciprocating linear motion through the transmission mechanism of the crankshaft, connecting rod and cross head, thus changing the cylinder content to achieve the purpose of compressed gas. Screw compressor is composed of a pair of intermeshing Yin, Yang rotor and housing.

What construction site is the construction air compressor used for?

Air compressor is the abbreviation of the air compressor, in the building is mainly used in pumping concrete, with pressure to transport concrete to the designated position.

Air compressor is the basis of industrial modernization products, often said in the electrical and automation has the meaning of full pneumatic; And the air compressor is to provide the air source power, is the core equipment of the pneumatic system electromechanical air source device in the main body, it is the original motion (usually the motor) mechanical energy into gas pressure energy device, is the compressed air pressure generating device.

The use state of consumables has a great influence on the performance and reliability of the compressor. If the intake filter and oil filter are blocked, the air intake will decrease, the pressure ratio of the machine will increase, the temperature will increase, and the motor load will increase.

Rust removal and rust prevention of oil and gas separation tank:

Screw compressor oil separation tank is in high temperature and high humidity, domestic brands of screw compressor are made of carbon steel oil separation tank, so oil separation tank internal corrosion is inevitable. At the same time, the upper part of the oil separation tank should be cleaned up. After shutdown, the water in the oil tank will accumulate at the bottom of the oil tank. Screw compressor is not running for a long time, oil should be changed and oil seal. Some brands of return pipes and control lines will use carbon steel pipes and carbon steel joints, should be regularly cleaned its internal corrosion.

The use condition of the screw compressor should be as close as possible to the design parameters of the machine. The exhaust pressure of the screw compressor should be controlled within the allowable range. Working pressure for a long time is too low, will increase the consumption of oil.

Air compressor in construction industry

Air compressor in construction industry

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