Vacuum Pump Used in Sugar Plants

Vacuum pumps are widely used in sugar plants. Whether in machinery industry or food industry, electronic industry plays a decisive role. In sugar industry, vacuum pump is an indispensable equipment. Next, we will talk about the application of vacuum pump in sugar industry.

In the 1970s, sugar plants used piston vacuum pumps, because of the disadvantages of piston vacuum pumps, such as large fuel consumption, large vibration, easy to damage and so on. Later, the negative pressure produced by the water jet pump in sugar mill replaced the piston vacuum pump. It has low efficiency and high power consumption. At the same time, it consumes a lot of water, which pollutes the environment and needs to pay a huge cost of pollution control. In recent years, the company has designed and manufactured a new generation of boiling sugar and evaporating vacuum system suitable for sugar industry by investigating the use characteristics of each link in the sugar industry, according to the characteristics of large suction volume required by vacuum filtration and high vacuum required by crystallization and boiling sugar in sugar factories. The system mainly includes water ring vacuum pump, condenser and other equipment. Vacuum pumps are mainly used in sugar industry in four aspects: boiling sugar, evaporation, suction filter and vacuum water diversion.

Vacuum Pump Used in Sugar Plants

Vacuum Pump System Characteristics

It is well known that the use of hydraulic jet condenser in sugar refineries is limited by water temperature. When the water temperature is 45 C, the vacuum will not exceed -0.08MPa. Most sugar factories use circulating water. When the temperature of circulating water is high, the temperature of circulating water will be higher (some sugar factories are as high as 55 C). The vacuum of sugar pot is only -0.07 MPa, which is not conducive to extracting juice. The cooking process is difficult and prolongs the cooking time. It results in the top cage of materials, especially low-grade materials, which seriously restricts the completion of daily crushing index. The problem of boiling sugar and evaporating vacuum can be well solved by using evaporating vacuum system. For example, when a sugar factory used a hydraulic jet condenser, the boiling time of boiling a can of methyl sugar was 4 to 4.5 hours, and that of boiling a can of triose was more than 6 hours. The vacuum system of boiling sugar evaporated by NADE was reduced to 1.5 to 2.5 hours, and that of boiling triose was 4 to 4.5 hours.

Vacuum system has the following advantages in sugar plants application:

Compared with the hydraulic jet condenser, the evaporation vacuum system can greatly reduce water and sewage charges and save costs. Its water consumption is only one fifth of that of water jet condenser, which greatly saves the water consumption of riverside. Especially for sugar mills with less water resources or higher environmental protection requirements, the use of evaporation vacuum system is a very cost-effective investment, while reducing environmental pollution and benefiting future generations. Compared with the reciprocating vacuum pump, the vacuum pump has the advantages of simple structure, no need to replace parts, no need to add lubricant in the operation process, large pumping capacity, faster vacuum recovery (only a few minutes), energy-saving effect up to 30%, no internal wear and tear in the operation of the equipment, no maintenance, long-term trouble-free operation can be realized, simple installation and extremely simple operation.

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