Screw Vacuum Pump Price

Screw vacuum pump manufacturer please confirm EVP Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. to provide reasonable price of screw vacuum pump. There are many kinds of vacuum pump products. Our company has passed the ISO 9001-2000 international quality system certification, and has obtained eight national utility model patents.

Screw Vacuum Pump Price

2019 New Type Screw Vacuum Pump

1. Break the tradition and make everything simple

Simple structure: fewer parts, simple structure, easy disassembly and assembly.

Ultra-low speed: screw vacuum pump operates at low speed (3600min-1/60Hz, 3000min-1/50Hz), prolonging the service life of bearings, shaft seals and synchronous gears, reducing noise, reducing vibration and achieving more stable performance.

2. Let our patents bring you greater value

Special nano-coating, anti-corrosive medium: screw vacuum pump and pumped gas contact part using nano-special coating, with good corrosion resistance, including hydrochloric acid, all kinds of strong acid media.

Breaking through 0.1Pa limit vacuum: screw vacuum pump can obtain 0.1Pa limit pressure, from atmospheric pressure to limit pressure, can work continuously.

3. The future development of large-scale production

During the working period of screw vacuum pump, the voice is very low, the rotational speed is uniform, and the lubricant is not needed, so the screw vacuum pump can work in a large amount of water vapor environment, thus reducing the cost of use and reducing environmental pollution.

Screw vacuum pump of main characteristics:

1. The high-voltage section has faster pumping speed, lower operating power and 30% lower energy consumption.

2. The limit vacuum is high, and the single-stage vacuum degree can reach 2PA.

3. Screw rotors are tested by G1-level dynamic balance test, which runs smoothly, has low noise and low vibration.

4. The rotor is made of integral ball-milled cast iron by high pressure casting. The structure of the rotor is compact and its strength is high.

5. Configuration of customized motor, pump oil chamber and motor form a closed structure, cancel the motor end shaft extension seal, eliminate oil leakage.

6. Standard special removable and washable muffler, good silencing effect, low noise, easy to disassemble and wash maintenance.

7. The overall volume is smaller, occupies a small area, can adapt to more working environment; according to different working conditions, the configuration of corresponding requirements of the structure or accessories, strong pertinence, simple operation, short processing time, improve stability and operation life.

EVP Vacuum Co., Ltd. actively responds to the call of the state and plays its part in the cause of environmental protection in China. Our company has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the production of a full range of vacuum pumps, gathering the expertise of many families, after numerous debugging, launched 2019 new patented technology – screw vacuum pump. The new screw vacuum pump is more environmentally friendly, more efficient, more energy-saving, and has excellent performance-price ratio. Our company promises three months free trial, three years to replace the old, so that you have no worries after sales!

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