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With EVP, a high-quality and reliable product is provided to the industry once again. This series of dry screw pumps are very suitable for low and medium vacuum applications.

EVP is a complete series of dry screw pumps. The product series is designed for industrial and coating applications. EVP is an ideal solution for all fields requiring oil-free vacuum. The pumping speed of this series of vacuum pumps ranges from 100 to 600 cubic meters per hour. In addition, the new generation of vacuum pumps are very reliable and durable. One of its excellent characteristics is the coated integral variable-angle rotor, which guarantees effective internal compression and reduces internal energy consumption. This allows the thermal gas to be pumped out equally effectively. The pump is suitable for the process requirement of the final pressure of 10-1 mbar alone. If combined with our Roots pumps, they can provide a maximum vacuum of 5.10-3 mbar. In addition, the direct gas flow in the pump avoids deposition. The high quality end seal between the bearing and the suction chamber greatly increases the reliability of the product.

Dry Screw Pump Supplier

Basic knowledge of screw pumps: Although the family of screw pumps is not huge, according to screw standards, it can also be divided into different types.

1. Single screw pump:

Single screw pump is a new type of rotary volume pump with internal engagement. The main working parts are eccentric screw (rotor) and fixed bushing (stator).
Compared with other pumps, single screw pump has its own unique advantages:
Compared with centrifugal pump, single screw pump does not need to install valves, but the flow rate is stable linear flow.
Compared with plunger pump, single screw pump has better self-priming ability.

Screw Pump Manufacturer

From the product structure, screw pump products have many kinds, complex specifications and large price span. In addition, some small and medium-sized enterprises compete viciously at low prices, which disrupts market prices. Generally speaking, the higher the grade of raw materials, the higher the product specifications, the higher the price of screw pump. In terms of classification, the screw pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance and relatively low price. Although there is still a gap between domestic screw pumps and foreign professional companies, and screw pump suppliers, with the increasing investment of scientific research and application practice of screw pumps in China, the future development trend of screw pumps is to develop products with low speed, long lead, excellent transmission components and long rated life instead of the original ones. Traditional screw pump.

Single-rod thick slurry screw pump (also known as screw pump) is a new and advanced pump designed by our country. Its remarkable characteristics are simple structure, stable operation, convenient operation, and can be used anywhere.

The concentrated pulp pump adapts to the special transportation of high viscosity media, especially in chemical industry, breweries, food factories, paper mills, canneries, pharmaceutical factories, wineries and other units. Based on this, the concentrated pulp pump has been widely requisitioned by all industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units in the country, with good results.

Principle and operation instructions:

1. This pump is a single-rod screw pump, which conveys viscous liquid or thick slurry by using the propelling effect of screw spiral groove rotation.
2. Hard rubber or metal pipes should be used in suction pipeline, and soft pipes should not be used to prevent suction from falling and suction deviation. Concentrated slurry can not flow smoothly. Grouting device should be used for high concentration and high viscosity liquid slurry.
3. Before working, a small amount of concentrated slurry is added into the pump as lubrication to reduce the wear of the rubber sleeve in the screw pump body during start-up, and to prevent the wear and burn of the rubber sleeve in the screw pump body.
4. The main shaft of the pump body is reversed at 50m/m (i.e. counter-clockwise rotation) and clockwise at 75m/m (i.e. clockwise rotation). The flow direction is from the elbow inlet, and the upper outlet of the pump body is the outlet.
5. Various parts of screw pump, screw, rubber inner sleeve of pump body, etc. If wear and tear occur for a long time and need to be replaced, please write to us. The above accessories are available in our company.
6. For engineering departments with special requirements, besides general requirements, they can produce high-temperature and hardness-resistant pumps. Our unit specially produces acid-resistant and hard-resistant stainless steel pumps to meet the needs of above-mentioned engineering production.

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