Dry screw pump

The whole product line of dry screw pump

The new series of dry screw pumps are suitable for applications related to medium and low vacuum. The product line is specially designed for industrial and coating applications. In the field of oil-free vacuum, it is the perfect solution. The pumping speed of this series of products ranges from 100 to 630 m3/h.

Dry screw pump

Dry screw pump Product Advantage

A full range of pumps with pumping speeds ranging from 100 to 630 m ^ 3 ^ H
Optimum Limit Vacuum and Wide Range Applications
Absolute drying and oil-free
High pumping speed at atmospheric pressure reduces pumping time
Water cooling with temperature monitoring
Lower energy costs due to efficient internal compression
Dynamic wear-free seals
Direct airflow and optimized temperature curve to minimize deposition
Low energy consumption, low noise
Various accessories

Dry screw pump applications: Metallurgy, Coating, Freeze Drying, Loading Interlocking, Electron Beam Welding, Gas Separation

A special advantage is its single-chip, variable pitch rotor. They ensure efficient internal compression to reduce the energy cost requirements of pumps. This also causes heat-sensitive gases to be discharged. The dynamic wear-free seal between the bearing and the suction chamber enhances its operational safety. The innovative design and low speed of the pump realize the low load of bearings and seals.

Dry Screw Pump of Material and Coating

1. Material and standard coating:

Pump Body: Ductile Iron, Teflon (PTFE) Coating
Rotor: FCD55 cast iron, Teflon (PTFE) coating
Synchronized Gear: Alloy Steel, Fine Grinding, Helical Gear
O-ring: Viton

2. Coating options:

Special coatings: Teflon (PFA); Nickel plating (Ni Coating); Chromium plating (Cr Coating);
Nickel plating + Teflon; Hastelloy Coating
PEEK coating; Harrington alloy + PEEK coating; Harrington alloy + PFA coating
The following options are also available:
O-ring: perfluoroether rubber (KALREZ)
Special mechanical seals such as Hastelloy; high nickel corrosion resistant metal (Ni-resist)

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