Water ring vacuum pump in special gas environment

How to use water ring vacuum pump in special gas environment

Vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum manufacturing equipment. Many processes such as production and processing need to be carried out in vacuum state. So vacuum pump is widely used in all walks of life.

Generally, the oil type and dry type vacuum pump can only pump and transport the clean gas. If the air contains water vapor, condensed particles, dust, etc., it will cause the oil type vacuum pump and dry type vacuum pump to be easily damaged, which will cause frequent maintenance and shorten the service life. The requirements of oil vacuum pump and dry vacuum pump are very strict.

The water ring vacuum pump is more widely used in various processes than oil vacuum pump and dry vacuum pump because it can pump gas containing water vapor, condensed particles and dust. Meanwhile, the water ring vacuum pump can also pump and transport special gas, such as gas drainage and transportation.


water ring vacuum pump advantages:

1. The water ring vacuum pump can absorb air evenly;

2. The water ring vacuum pump is stable and safe;

3. The water ring vacuum pump is relatively simple and convenient in use and maintenance;

4. No lubricant is required for water ring vacuum pump

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