Roots blower air supply in high-speed tunnel engineering

Air supply of Roots blower in high-speed Tunnel Engineering: for tunnel excavation, air supply is required due to the lack of air inside. Air is delivered to the tunnel by blower, sometimes with air cooler.

Roots blower air supply in high-speed tunnel engineering

Roots blower quality maintenance standard of details

At present, the three leaf roots blower has been widely used in various industries, and its quality maintenance standard is also very important in daily use. I hope you can better understand it.

1. The rotor of three blade roots fan shall be checked for dynamic and static balance.
2. The rotor of the three blade roots blower shall be free of defects such as sand holes and air holes.
3. When assembling the rotor of the three blade roots blower, the parallelism deviation of the journal at both ends shall not be greater than 0.02mm, and the parallelism deviation between the two ends and the wall plate shall not be greater than 0.05mm. When the direction of the fan inlet and outlet and the position of the main shaft remain unchanged, the pressure angle clearance of the rotor shall be adjusted at two positions of 45 angles of the rotor horizontal line. The clearance of each part of the rotor of different types of fans is different.
4. The perpendicularity tolerance between the shaft and rotor of three blade roots fan shall not be greater than 0.05 mm.

Roots blower of ensure smooth operation

In the production process, carry out spot check and spot check on the technical performance of fan equipment. The front stage needs to be equipped with oil seal and water ring to discharge air directly. From the existing literature, there are many reports on the improvement of the structure of centrifugal and axial fans to reduce noise, and great achievements have been made, but there are few reports on roots fans. The output air is clean and free of oil and dust. The air is delivered to the tunnel interior by a blower, sometimes with an air cooler.

When the flow is q20m3 / min and h39.2kpa, the three blade roots blower can be selected. If there are foreign matters attached around the valve seat, when the valve body is working, the foreign matters will be adsorbed on the contact surface, causing leakage. In general, it can be reused without three levels of treatment.

Improve the accuracy management measures, strictly check the quality and accuracy of the rotor to ensure the smooth operation of Roots blower. The number and module of the two gears are the same. First of all, unstable operation is caused by voltage, improper assembly and other reasons.

The teeth of Roots fan impeller are usually parallel to the shaft

The oil tank has been filled with gear oil at the factory. Please check the filling condition of gear oil. We know that roots blower is a kind of constant volume rotating gas power machine. The noise source of Roots blower there are many kinds of noise sources. The main part of the radiated noise of Roots blower is the aerodynamic noise radiated from the intake and exhaust ports. The installation foundation of the fan must be firm and stable, with enough strength and hardness to support the operation load of the fan. If the material affects the assembly, it can be treated by grinding.

The indicating instrument and electronic control device are sensitive, accurate and reliable. The teeth of Roots fan impeller are usually parallel to the shaft, i.e. straight teeth. 5pa / M = 450pa + 50pA (residual pressure) = 500pa static pressure, dynamic pressure and total pressure are three concepts often encountered in air conditioning or fan selection. After 5 minutes of operation, stop the fan and check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon, and then start the operation. Regular maintenance. In order to prolong the use time of the rotating fan, it is necessary to keep the fan in normal use.

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