oil-free vacuum pump in vacuum recovery

In today’s increasingly stringent environmental protection appeals, oil-free clean vacuum pump plays an important role in modern industry. The configuration of oil-free vacuum pump with other related equipment is directly related to whether the performance of oil-free vacuum pump can be effectively played. However, one of the major defects of oil-free vacuum pump is that the vacuum is not high, like oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump; The vacuum degree of oil-free reciprocating pump is about 2000Pa, but this pump also needs vacuum pump oil as lubricant, which can not achieve 100% oil-free; however, there is a pure oil-free scroll vacuum pump, the vacuum degree can reach 10Pa, but the price will be much higher, many enterprises are reluctant to invest, and have to continue to use the original vacuum pump, which will cause continuous damage to the environment.

oil-free vacuum pump in vacuum recovery

A material decompression recovery process applied in theoretical consumption. Material vapor is basically condensed into liquid in the main condenser. However, under vacuum conditions, the velocity of gas molecules increases, the gas density decreases, the condensation temperature of materials drops, and the total heat transfer coefficient of the condenser decreases exponentially. Therefore, material condensation (primary condensation) is often not sufficient under vacuum, especially for low boiling point solvents. Part of the gas that has not been fully condensed is liquefied by pressure in the vacuum pump. The other part condenses at atmospheric pressure under the condenser of the exhaust side (two times condensation).

Because there is no vacuum medium (vacuum pump oil, water, etc.) in the oil-free vacuum pump, the gas passing through the oil-free vacuum pump is not polluted by the vacuum medium. Therefore, the recovered solvent is clean. In this way, the condensation part under vacuum is converted to condensation under atmospheric pressure, which greatly improves the recovery rate of solvent materials, which is especially beneficial to the materials difficult to condense in vacuum. After the process configuration, the exhaust gas has basically no organic waste gas. In addition, the exhaust gas of the pump passes through the shell side of the tubular condenser, and the noise also drops greatly.

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