New roots blower design

Our company is specialized in three – leaf roots blower, roots blower manufacturers design and manufacture of professional units. The design and production of three-blade roots blower, roots blower manufacturers have the following characteristics:

1.1 various varieties and complete specifications

According to different requirements of users, our company can provide axial flow through three-leaf roots blower and roots blower manufacturers with various installation forms from 1.2m to 9.14m in diameter. Three-blade roots blower, roots fan manufacturers adjust the mode of stop manual Angle, not stop manual Angle, pneumatic automatic Angle, pneumatic semi-automatic Angle, frequency control and other 5. Also according to the user’s special requirements, the design and manufacture of special three-blade roots blower, roots fan manufacturers.

1.2 high efficiency and low noise

Its characteristic is: lift-drag ratio is big, full pressure efficiency is high. Its lift coefficient can reach 1.6, lift-drag ratio of more than 100. The blade tip speed of three-blade roots blower and roots blower manufacturer is generally 45-52m/s. In normal use, the total pressure efficiency is 0.85-0.9, and the noise is no more than 80dB(A). Three – leaf roots blower, roots fan manufacturers have two kinds of blade material fiberglass and aluminum alloy.

1.3 safe and reliable use, convenient maintenance and repair

The main parts of the three-leaf roots blower and roots blower manufacturers have a large safety factor, through the overspeed and overload test, to ensure that the three-leaf roots blower and roots blower manufacturers can run safely for a long time. Three-blade roots blower, roots fan manufacturers do not need special maintenance, just regular observation of the operation and grease filling.

1.4 good interchangeability

The hub and blade are individually calibrated for torque balance. The torque value of the standard blade was used as the benchmark for large torque correction. In the process of installation and use, the user can swap between the hub of the same specification and the blade of the same specification at will.

2. Air-cooled three-blade roots blower, roots blower manufacturer structure

Air-cooled three-blade roots blower, roots blower manufacturers are mainly composed of blades, hub, drive shaft, bearing seat, pulley, belt and motor.

The blades are made of epoxy fiberglass and aluminum alloy, with hollow thin-walled structure.

The blade and the hub are fixed by half ring and top wire. When the aluminum alloy blade is used, the connection between the blade and the hub is fixed by u-bolt.

The connection between the hub, belt wheel and shaft is provided with a conical shaft sleeve, which is very convenient for installation and disassembly. The bearing seat is equipped with two double row aligning roller bearings to ensure that the three-blade roots blower and roots blower manufacturers can operate effectively and reliably.
Three-blade roots blower, roots blower manufacturers generally use 5V rubber belt transmission, according to the requirements of users can also use 14M arc gear synchronous belt transmission. Belt is divided into ordinary and anti – static two kinds.

3. Installation and debugging

3.1 count the number of components according to the packing list, and wipe off the surface of each component.

3.2 fix the bearing seat on the air cooler frame. It is required that the refueling hole on the bearing seat is in a convenient position for refueling, and the deviation between the three-blade roots blower, roots fan manufacturer’s spindle and the air duct axis is less than 5mm. The manufacturer should adjust the verticality or levelness of the drive shaft, and the tolerance should not be more than 0.4/1000.

3.3 remove the cone sleeve from the hub, apply a layer of grease on the inner and outer surfaces of the cone sleeve, and then put the cone sleeve on the spindle.

3.4 install the hub on the cone sleeve and tighten the connecting bolt. Require bolts to be tightened symmetrically gradually. Make sure the rotating plane of the impeller is perpendicular to the spindle. For pneumatic self-regulating, semi-self-regulating three-blade roots blower, roots fan manufacturers to check the hub axis on the coaxiality of the drive shaft. Check with a dial gauge on the machined cylinder at the top of the turret of the hub that the runout does not exceed 0.15mm. The tightening torque of the bolt on the conical bushing can be adjusted when the bolt exceeds the specified value. Tighten and beat the runout until the requirement is met.

3.5 remove the half ring in the hub paddle sleeve. Put 4 top bolts on the paddle sleeve and back to flush with the inner end of the paddle sleeve.

3.6 install the blade into the paddle sleeve, install a half ring, and pretighten the bolt. The structure of the blade is fixed with u-shaped bolt or clamp. When installing the blade, the blade should be pulled outward by force to make the blade root end face close to the clamp.

New roots blower design

New roots blower design

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