Water Ring Vacuum Pump with Cast Iron Materials

Water ring vacuum pump is mainly used for drying and packaging of vacuum pumps in pharmaceutical, food processing and other industries; extrusion and molding of vacuum pumps in plastic and rubber industries; liquid degassing, water plant vacuum water diversion, chemical industry, industry to prevent vacuum pump filtration, distillation and impregnation; power industry condenser vacuum pumping and vacuum ash removal; petrochemical industry vacuum crystallization; coal industry Vacuum flotation, filtration and gas emission; vacuum system in tobacco industry; water ring vacuum pump in laboratory and electronic industry. When corrosion protection is required, it can be made of stainless steel, ceramics or other alloy materials.

Sulfuric acid, as one of the strong corrosive media, is an important industrial raw material and widely used. Sulfuric acid of different concentration and temperature has great difference in material corrosion. For concentrated sulfuric acid with concentration higher than 80% and temperature lower than 80 ℃, carbon steel and cast iron have better corrosion resistance, but they are not suitable for high-speed flow sulfuric acid, so the pump valve material should not be carbon steel and cast iron; even the use of ordinary stainless steel (such as 304 and 316) in sulfuric acid medium is limited.

Therefore, the pump valves used to transport sulfuric acid are usually made of high silicon cast iron or high alloy stainless steel alloy 20, but they are difficult to cast and process. Fluoroplastics have better sulfur resistance, so it is a more economical choice to use fluorine lined pump. Medium properties, including medium name, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties of water ring vacuum pump, physical properties include temperature C, density D, viscosity u, solid particle size and gas content in medium, involving system head, effective cavitation allowance calculation and appropriate pump type: chemical properties, mainly referring to Chemical Corrosiveness and toxicity of liquid medium, chemical properties are optional Important basis for selecting pump material and mechanical seal.


Vacuum pump can be used in various places with high requirements of corrosion resistance and cleanliness.

According to the working condition, all the flow passage parts of vacuum pump: impeller, disc, pump cover, pump body material can be selected




All kinds of stainless steel materials, pump shaft material: 2Cr13, SUS304 or SUS316L

The mechanical seal adopts imported products, and the seal can be made of fluororubber or polytetrafluoroethylene.

What is cast iron material:

Cast iron is a general term for cast iron carbon alloy with carbon content of more than 2%. It is usually made of pig iron, scrap steel and iron alloy by smelting in different proportion. In addition to iron and carbon, the main elements include silicon, manganese and a small amount of phosphorus and sulfur. It is obtained by remelting pig iron (sometimes steel-making pig iron) and adding ferroalloy, scrap steel and return iron to adjust the composition.

cast iron water ring vacuum pump advantages :

1. Low production cost;

2. Good processability, good casting performance, low melting point, good fluidity, small shrinkage, only 0.5-1.0% 2) good cutting performance, good chip breaking performance.

3. High wear resistance and wear resistance, excellent vibration damping and low notch sensitivity.

4. The mechanical properties such as tensile strength, plasticity and toughness are low.

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