Claw vacuum pump for aerospace

EVP is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, design, production and sales of claw type dry oil-free vacuum pump, with a number of national invention patents and utility model patents.

Claw vacuum pump for aerospace

Oil-free vacuum pump is widely used in high and new technology and national strategic technology fields such as chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronics, aerospace industry, nuclear industry, etc., ending the history that this kind of product is totally dependent on import, and successfully solving the users’ special requirements of cleaning and corrosion resistance in the process of obtaining vacuum environment. And greatly reduced the use of costs, product sales and services in place, won the user praise.

Product introduction and product advantages

Oil-free claw vacuum pump is a positive displacement vacuum pump. By running two pairs of rotors synchronously in the opposite direction, the volume changes to achieve aspiration and exhaust so as to achieve the purpose of vacuum extraction. This product is highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has very obvious advantages compared with other products:

[Energy-saving] High vacuum (single pump can reach 10 pa, and the supporting unit is higher); Take claw vacuum pump instead of steam jet pump as an example, the effective energy saving is more than 95%.

[Environmental protection] Good environmental protection, no medium dry claw vacuum pump, no pollution to the pumped medium and container, no emissions;

[Discharge reduction] Strong adaptability under working conditions, able to remove a small amount of liquid, gas containing a small amount of dust, and corrosive gas; No industrial waste water, greatly reducing the cost of environmental protection;

[Enhancement] Improve the high and stable clean vacuum environment, effectively improve product quality and yield, improve production efficiency, and provide material basis for enterprises to create more value;

[Consumption reduction] Low working energy consumption, which is lower than 20%-60% of other pumps;

[High recovery] Solvent recovery, the organic solvent can be recycled twice, to achieve the maximum economic value, reduce emissions;

[Maintenance] Low maintenance cost, with an average of 20,000 hours of trouble-free work; Easy maintenance, the replacement of wearing parts can be carried out in the field, no need to return to the factory;

[Safety] High safety: no contact and no friction in the internal design;

[Sealing] Good sealing, no leakage after adopting combination sealing;

[Structure ] Compact structure, small volume, easy to install.

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