Piston vacuum pump process

Piston vacuum pump is a kind of portable vacuum equipment with excellent quality, excellent performance, high reliability and reasonable price. It is mainly used in medical and pharmaceutical products analysis, fine chemicals, biochemical pharmaceuticals, food inspection, analysis and other fields. It is one of the necessary equipment in the laboratory.

Piston vacuum pump is a product with excellent quality, excellent performance, high reliability and reasonable price. It has been sold to Europe, the United States, Japan and more than a dozen advanced countries, and most of the direct use of customer recognition and affirmation. Piston vacuum pump can be widely used in automation equipment, industrial machinery, laboratory use, air testing equipment, photoelectric semiconductor, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

piston pump

Piston vacuum pump

Main components of piston vacuum pump:

1. front cover: prevent injury to operators.
2. motor cooling fan: high efficiency heat dissipation, reduce motor temperature rise.
3. piston ring: special wear resistant material, long running life.
4. piston connecting rod: solid and lightweight design.
5. chassis: aluminum alloy die-casting, lightweight and beautiful appearance.
6. cylinder: wear hardness treatment, long service life.
7. valve metal plate: solid structure.

In addition to the above main components, there are exhaust valves and suction valves and other important components, as well as frame, crankcase, dynamic seal and static seal and other auxiliary components. When running, driven by the motor, the piston in the cylinder reciprocates through the action of the crank-connecting rod mechanism (rotation into linear motion). When the piston moves from the left end to the right end of the cylinder, the pressure in the left chamber space decreases because of the increasing volume of the left chamber. When the pressure in the left chamber space is lower than that in the pumped container, according to the principle of gas pressure balance, the gas in the pumped container is continuously pumped into the left chamber through the suction valve. It is in the process of inspiration.

When the piston reaches the right position, the left chamber of the cylinder is filled with gas. Then the piston moves from the right side to the left side, and the suction valve automatically closes. The gas gradually compresses as the piston moves from right to left. When the gas in the cylinder reaches the exhaust pressure, the exhaust valve is opened and the gas is exhausted, thus completing a working cycle. When the piston moves from the left end to the right end, repeat the above cycle, so that the pumped vessel eventually achieves a stable equilibrium pressure to improve the pumping efficiency, generally at both ends of the cylinder are equipped with suction valves and exhaust valves, and then the two ends of the cylinder suction and exhaust ports are connected in parallel with the pipeline.

Double stage piston vacuum pump

Piston vacuum pump has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, stable operation, long life, low temperature rise, small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, simple structure, no oil and easy maintenance. Because of its sophisticated structure and the use of modern advanced technology, the noise level is only 48.7-60.0 dB, keeping the use of quiet environment, to avoid interference by noise operators. Its pumping speed range is relatively large, from 50L/S to 600L/S, as a transport pump, pumping non-solid particles, non-corrosive gas, this vacuum pump pumping speed is higher, higher vacuum.

Piston vacuum pump is very suitable for manipulator with vacuum absorption technology to carry small pieces of materials in the current automation industry. It is suitable for grasping thin and smooth surface metal products, glass, mobile phone panel, electronic components, paper, etc. with vacuum suction cup. It achieves stable and efficient work efficiency. There are more and more cases of using piston vacuum pump to grab objects on automatic operation lines such as product packaging, object transmission and mechanical assembly. Soft and flexible sucker can easily carry out such functions as the suction, release, transfer of the workpiece, and ensure that it does not damage the object of its function.

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