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Work quality everyone checks the product quality level by level controls each working procedure, completes each product, zero defect production process, 100% high quality product. Quality is the life of an enterprise. We should persist in testing and testing, and never let go of any problems. Only in this way can life be extended indefinitely.
Employees are the presenters of the corporate image. The image of employees is the most active form of corporate image. It is composed of the professional ethics, professional training, cultural literacy, spiritual outlook, speech and behavior, work attitude and other aspects of employees. The corporate image is reflected by the image of employees and the product image of production. Only the first-class employee image can have high-efficiency management, high-quality products and services, achieve the best economic benefits, and create a first-class corporate image.

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Only through innovation and focus can a company be professional. Only through continuous innovation and leading technology can a company have a market with quality and progress with improvement. People first, morality first, to create first-class products in the industry, so that every customer satisfaction is the enterprise concept!
Create value for customers, seek development for enterprises, seek benefits for employees, offer a strength for the country, pay attention to actual effect, improve management, improve quality, increase efficiency. The recognition of customers is our value. Exploration, innovation, enterprising, careful, attentive, quality and eternal satisfaction. One’s ability is limited, but efforts are infinite. We work together to make our enterprise more prosperous, society more harmonious, and tomorrow more brilliant!

Here comes our teaching time of liquid ring vacuum pump tips:

Liquid ring vacuum pump body several possibilities of large vibration

When the user reports that the vacuum pump body of liquid ring vacuum pump vibrates too much and the exhaust pipeline connected with it vibrates too much, but the vibration between the foundation and the base is not large. We can exclude the possibility that the foundation is fixed and loose, and we should find the reason from the vacuum pump body.

1. Valve plate broken:
When the valve plate breaks, it will cause the vacuum pump body to vibrate severely and make a lot of noise, which is generally manifested as large axial vibration.

2. Scaling of rotor blades:
The scaling of rotor will affect the unbalance of rotor quality and produce vibration when rotating. However, the strong vibration caused by this factor is relatively small. Generally speaking, we will exclude him as the main cause of the vacuum pump body vibration.

3. Rubber gasket of coupling is damaged:
The damage of rubber buffer pad or even the friction into powder will lead to the direct impact of two pairs of coupling wheels, which will aggravate the vibration of rotor. In order to prevent this phenomenon, we should use high quality buffer to avoid unnecessary loss or damage to the vacuum pump body.

4. Water ring change:
when the inner diameter of the water ring becomes larger (insufficient water supply), the tip of the blade will collide with the inner wall of the water ring, causing vibration. If the inner diameter of the water ring becomes smaller (excessive water supply), it will increase the flow disturbance and resistance loss to the impeller, cause vibration, and increase the power consumption of the vacuum pump. In the operation of vacuum pump, it is necessary to ensure its proper working water supply. If the water inlet pipe is scaling or blocked, there is no way to judge the water supply only by the water inlet pressure. At this time, we can observe the displacement of the vacuum pump to judge the working condition of the water ring.

Liquid ring vacuum pump exporter

Liquid ring vacuum pump exporter


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