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EVP is a professional vacuum pump manufacturer. It specializes in manufacturing and supplying various types of vacuum pump products. It can design and supply vacuum pump solutions according to customers’needs. We mainly research and design, produce and manufacture a number of series of liquid ring vacuum pump products, according to customer requirements to design and process various specifications of liquid ring vacuum pump products, vacuum pump units, etc., liquid ring vacuum pump price is reasonable, sold at home and abroad, enough spot.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is equipped with eccentric rotor with fixed blades, which throws water (liquid) to the stator wall. The water (liquid) forms a liquid ring concentric with the stator. The liquid ring and the rotor blade constitute a variable volume, which depends on the change of the volume of the pump chamber to achieve aspiration, compression and exhaust. Therefore, it belongs to the variable volume vacuum pump.

2BV series liquid ring vacuum pump

liquid ring vacuum pump advantages:

1. The structure is simple, the manufacturing accuracy is not high, and it is easy to process.

2. Compact structure, high speed pump, generally can be directly connected with the motor, without deceleration device. Therefore, with a small structure size, we can get a large amount of exhaust gas and occupy a small area.

3. Compressed gases are basically isothermal, i.e. the temperature change of the compressed gases is very small. Because there is no metal friction surface in the pump chamber, there is no need to lubricate the pump, and the wear is very small. The sealing between the rotating part and the fixing part can be accomplished directly by the water seal.

4. Inhalation uniformity, stable and reliable work, simple operation, easy maintenance.

In short, because the gas compression in the water ring pump is isothermal, it can extract flammable and explosive gases. Due to the absence of exhaust valves and friction surfaces, dust-laden gases, condensable gases and gas-water mixtures can be removed. With these outstanding characteristics, it has been widely used in spite of its low efficiency.

liquid ring vacuum pump application:

Scope of application of liquid ring vacuum pump: mainly used in coal mine (gas drainage), chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, mining, paper making, food, beer, building materials, plastics, metallurgy, electrical and other industries.

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