The reason of low speed of vacuum pump

It is possible that the vacuum pump is not pulping and is very troublesome, which may be caused by its low speed. So, why does this phenomenon occur? Let me give you some details.

The reason of low pump speed:

1. Human factors. A considerable number of users, due to damage to the original motor, are randomly assigned to another motor, resulting in low flow rate, low lift, and even water loss.

2. Wear of transmission belt. There are a lot of large vacuum pump with the belt, because of long-term use, the belt wear and loose, the appearance of sliding phenomenon, thus reducing the speed of the vacuum pump.

3. Improper installation. Two belt wheel center distance is too small or axis is not parallel, belt tension side mounted to the above, the Angle is too small, the two pulley diameter calculation errors and coupling transmission of the vacuum pump shaft eccentricity is bigger, it will result in changes of the vacuum pump speed.

4. Mechanical failure of the vacuum pump itself. Impeller and pump shaft tighten nut looseness or pump shaft deformation and bending, cause impeller to move more, directly with pump body friction, or bearing damage, it is possible to reduce the speed of vacuum pump.

5. Maintenance of power machine is not recorded. The motor is destroyed by the winding, and the winding number, wire diameter, wiring method change in the maintenance, or the failure in maintenance can also change the speed of the vacuum pump.

Know the reason why vacuum pump speed is too low, find the solution in time, avoid unnecessary trouble, pay attention to maintenance, ensure the work efficiency, hope the above content can help you.


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