dry screw vacuum pump structure

Dry screw vacuum pump can pump out the gas containing a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust, so what kind of structure does it have? Let’s take a look at it.

The transmission shaft is connected with the active rotor, and the driven rotor is driven to rotate by the synchronous gear. A cooling water channel is opened on the shell to cool the temperature of the rotor and the exhaust port. The synchronous gear and the bearing are lubricated by oil. The bearing and the shell are sealed by seals to achieve the effect of no oil. The structure of dry screw vacuum pump is similar to that of oil-free screw compressor in sealing and lubrication. Generally, mechanical seals are used at the exhaust end of vacuum pump, and double lip seals are commonly used at the inlet side.

In terms of transmission mode, at present, the general purpose is direct connected motor, which is connected with rotor by coupling, and very few are driven by belt or drive chain. Due to no internal compression process, the exhaust temperature of constant pitch screw pump is very high. If the cooling effect is not good, the rotor and casing will be deformed, which will affect the pumping effect. Cooling the casing is an essential part, and water cooling is a very common method. Cooling water is passed through the casing body and the outside of the bearing to cool the casing and then the rotor.

The above is about the screw vacuum pump related structure introduced, we can better grasp its working principle after understanding its structure.


Dry screw vacuum pump introduction to the principle :

Due to the mutual engagement of the screws and the close cooperation between the screws and the inner wall of the liner, between the suction and discharge ports of the pump, it will be separated into one or more sealing spaces. With the rotation and engagement of the screw, these sealing spaces continue to form at the suction end of the pump, sealing the liquid in the suction chamber, and continuously moving from the suction chamber to the discharge end along the screw axis, continuously discharging the liquid sealed in each space, just like a nut is continuously pushed forward when the screw rotates, which is the basic working principle of the dry screw pump.

Dry screw vacuum pump is characterized by small loss and good economic performance. The pressure is high and even, the flow is even, the rotation speed is high, and it can be directly connected with the prime mover

Dry screw vacuum pump can transport lubricating oil, fuel oil, various oil and polymer, used to transport viscous liquid.

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