Vacuum pump impeller

2BV vacuum pump of impeller form

Impeller is one of the common parts of 2BV vacuum pump, which mainly plays the role of generating air volume. How many forms of impeller are there?

Vacuum pump impeller

1. Closed impeller: composed of blade and front and back cover plate. The efficiency of closed impeller is higher. It is widely used in 2BV vacuum pump. It is suitable for conveying clean liquid with small viscosity such as water and solution.

2, semi open impeller: there are generally two kinds of structures. One is the front half open type, which is composed of the rear cover plate and the blade. The impeller efficiency of the structure is low, and the sealing ring with adjustable clearance is required to improve the efficiency. The other is the rear half open, which is composed of the front cover plate and the blade. Since the sealing ring can be applied to the closed impeller, the efficiency is basically the same as that of the closed impeller. Besides conveying liquid, the blade also has the sealing effect of back blade or auxiliary impeller. The semi open impeller is suitable for conveying liquid containing suspended solids such as solid particles and fibers. Semi open impeller has lower cost, less manufacturing difficulty and adaptability. In recent years, it has been widely used in 2BV vacuum pumps for refining and chemical industry. It is also used for conveying liquid with clear water and near clean water.

3. Open impeller: impeller with only blade and blade stiffener, without front and rear cover plate. The number of open impeller blades is less. It is mainly used for conveying high viscosity liquid and slurry liquid.

To sum up, the three impellers are different in appearance and applicable scope, but they are all parts of 2BV vacuum pump.

Liquid ring vacuum pump repair method of impeller

Impeller is an important part of liquid ring vacuum pump, its damage will directly affect the progress of our work, but according to its different degrees of damage and different repair methods, so in order to help you understand these knowledge, below for you to list the specific repair methods.

Plan 1
Simple to the original impeller for welding repair, this scheme is only applicable to blade thickness less than 1 mm wear impeller. For the impeller blade cracking, deformation, sand blasting, opening, grinding, welding, correction; Local blade replacement for missing blades; Wear or damage to the stainless steel jacket coating wear – resistant repair. The impeller is treated with anti-corrosion treatment as a whole. The specific process method is as follows:
1. Repair, replace, weld and polish the defective blades;
2. Drill the crack hole, break the opening, repair welding and polish the cracked blade;
3. Correction and restoration of deformed blades, and local replacement of severely worn blades;
4, if the stainless steel sleeve has greater wear, it is necessary to the stainless steel sleeve processing, spraying wear-resistant material treatment, grinding stainless steel sleeve.
5, if the wheel spindle bearing diameter of axle installation (Φ 220.662) need to repair, to be on the machine in a large, spray wear-resisting layer.
Process flow:
Damage impeller → overall inspection → shaft and stainless steel casing protection treatment → sand blasting → aging treatment of impeller → impeller repair → static and dynamic balance experiment of impeller → anti-corrosion treatment of impeller (with anti-corrosion and wear-resisting paint) → packaging → transportation.

Plan 2
The integral replacement of the impeller blade repair scheme, this scheme is suitable for the shaft is not large bending deformation and damage, the wheel hub is basically intact old impeller. The new blade, the middle reinforcement plate and the two sides reinforcement plate are used to replace the blade of the impeller. The repair process is as follows:
Damaged impeller to dismantle all, stiffened plates in the middle, on both sides of the steel plate – test, calibration shaft – car wheel hub to milling blade groove, welding forming stiffened plates and stiffened plates in the middle, on both sides of the blade to aging treatment, polishing processing – processing – sandblasting – stainless steel impeller car sets of processing and spraying wear-resistant materials processing, grinding stainless steel and impeller whole set of static and dynamic balance experiments to impeller anticorrosive processing, packaging and transportation.

Plan 3
New impeller assembly is manufactured, and a new impeller assembly is remanufactured according to the mapping of the existing impeller. The impeller assembly comprises a molded blade, a ribbed plate, a hub, a shaft, and a stainless steel sleeve. The process is as follows:
Parts processing → main welding → aging → sandblasting → assembly → static and dynamic balance test of impeller as a whole → anticorrosive and wear-resisting paint on blades → packaging → transportation.
For the liquid ring vacuum pump impeller wear degree of different repair scheme, so we should be clear before the repair of its wear degree.

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