Vacuum pump for vacuum impregnator

Vacuum impregnator

Fully automatic vacuum impregnating machine can be used for insulation impregnation treatment of electrical coils such as micro-motor, transformer, power transformer, etc. It can improve the penetration ability of insulating paint, increase filling rate, thereby improving the overall mechanical strength of electrical coils, insulation strength, moisture-proof and mildew-proof properties.

Main technical parameters of fully automatic vacuum impregnator:
Equipment Vacuum: – 0.1MPA
Total power of equipment: 1.5KW
Vacuum pump: 2X-8A

The automatic vacuum impregnating machine consists of vacuum pump, vacuum buffer, impregnating tank, paint storage tank (bottom of the impregnating tank) and electrical control unit.

Next, we will introduce the vacuum pump used in the automatic vacuum impregnator.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Vacuum pump for vacuum impregnator

It is a kind of oil circulation rotary vane mechanical pump. It is the main equipment for extracting gas from sealed container to obtain vacuum. Through the unremitting efforts of our company’s engineers and technicians from the prototype vacuum pump development, a reasonable combination of various performance, so that the vacuum pump is more suitable for harsh environment, frequent start-up environment.

The exhaust device of rotary vane vacuum pump is made of special steel, and the valve sheet is adjusted separately, which effectively prolongs the service life. The inner device of oil pipeline effectively avoids the influence of external force on the pump work by causing the fracture or leakage of oil pipeline. The oil tank is equipped with a settling device to filter, separate and precipitate impurities, dust and condensable gases that enter the oil in the pumping atmosphere when the pump is working, so as to improve the service performance and prolong the service life of the pump oil. The whole structure of rotary vane vacuum pump is compact, stable, small vibration, easy to assemble, disassemble and adjust, and beautiful appearance.

Rotary vane vacuum pump is equipped with motor of 5.5KW, which saves 25% of the power compared with similar pumps, and plays an energy-saving role. The technical index test has reached the same level.

Rotary vane vacuum pump seat, intake size, main vulnerable parts, etc. Replacement of single pump, without modification, simple installation, convenient and fast, is your best choice for entrepreneurship and development.

Rotary vane vacuum pump features:

1. High-grade cast iron material, solid and reliable structure, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, easy to install.
2. Cam oil rotary design, large exhaust, no friction, low fuel consumption, rapid separation of oil and gas, low oil content in exhaust gas, low vibration, low noise.
3. Water-cooling and air-cooling work together, and the machine works well at constant temperature. After filtering and steam treatment, the machine stains remain pure for a long time, and the effect is good.
4. Simple operation, easy maintenance and repair, long service life, vertical design, small floor area, saving installation space.

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