Vacuum Pump used in calcium production

Vacuum is a necessary condition for calcium reduction. Mechanical vacuum pumps are necessary equipment for calcium smelting. Among them, the vacuum reduction process in metal calcium reduction tanks is used. The current domestic models of vacuum pumps are as follows:

Calcium refining mechanical vacuum pump combination scheme: Roots vacuum pump ZJP-1200 + rotary piston vacuum pump 2H-150

Vacuum Pump used in calcium production

The above vacuum pump is used for metal calcium reduction, and the configuration of the vacuum unit is as follows:

Configuration plan: Roots vacuum pump ZJP-1200 and slide valve vacuum pump 2H-150 form a vacuum unit to form a vacuum unit with a pumping rate of 1200L/S. (Most of the calcium metal manufacturers use this configuration plus a slide valve vacuum pump 2H150 as the pre-pumping pump for the reduction tank)

ZJP-1200/2H-150 Roots-rotary piston vacuum unit of main performance parameters:

Ultimate vacuum: 0.1pa

Pumping rate: 1200S/L

Inlet diameter: 250mm Exhaust diameter: 80mm

Motor power: 11kw+15kw=26kw

ZJP-1200 Roots pump of main performance parameters:

Ultimate vacuum: 6*10-2pa

Pumping rate: 1200S/L

Inlet diameter: 250mm Exhaust diameter: 200mm

Motor power: 11kw

2H-150 rotary piston vacuum pump of main performance parameters:

Ultimate vacuum: 1pa

Pumping rate: 150S/L

Inlet diameter: 150mm Exhaust diameter: 80mm

Motor power: 15kw

Roots-rotary piston Vacuum Unit of Features:

The 2H-150 rotary piston vacuum pump produced by our company has outstanding advantages such as high allowable working pressure (105Pa), large pumping capacity, continuous vacuum work in harsh environments, and durability, so it has allowable working pressure in vacuum smelting High (105Pa), large pumping capacity, continuous work in harsh environments, durability and other outstanding advantages; the vacuum unit has no fluctuations in vacuum, the vacuum rises quickly and smoothly, and the quality of magnesium reduction is good, so the vacuum unit is used by metal magnesium manufacturers widely used.

The main components and materials of the slide valve vacuum pump:

Advantages of the rotary piston vacuum pump: the vacuum pump part of the rotary piston vacuum pump; guide rail, spool valve, eccentric wheel, etc. are the main working parts of the spool valve pump;

Advantages of Roots Vacuum Pump: The Roots vacuum pump of the vacuum unit is equipped with a bypass valve, which effectively solves the problem of motor burnout caused by motor overload.

The main components of a roots vacuum pump are: rotor, shaft, sleeve, gear, etc. The gear material is 20GrMnTi, the shaft sleeve 45# steel is treated with high-frequency spattering, and the transmission shaft is 45Gr. At the same time, the parts are all dynamically balanced, the oil seal is high temperature resistant fluorine rubber, and imported NSK bearings are used.

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