2H Piston vacuum pump

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Description: 2H series piston vacuum pump is a vacuum pump that can exhaust normal gas and gas containing a small amount condensable vapor (gas ballast device should be used).
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2H series double stage rotary piston vacuum pump is a vacuum pump that can exhaust normal gas and gas containing a small amount condensable vapor (gas ballast device should be used).
It’s suitable for vacuum smelting, vacuum drying, vacuum coating, electrician, electron, metallurgy, chemical industry, ceramic, aviation, laboratory and other occasions of vacuum coating, vacuum drying, vacuum degassing, vacuum impregnation, vacuum brazing, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum concentration, vacuum reaction, high altitude simulation experiments on the vacuum operation ,etc.
It can be used individually and also combined together with the fore-pump of other high-vacuum pumps such as Roots pump, oil diffusion pump and molecular pumps, etc. It’s necessary to add additional devices please, (such as filter, gas-water separator and 1# vacuum oil) in case that gas contains high volume of oxygen, explosive, erosive to ferrous metals, chemically reactive to vacuum oil and more water or dust.
Pump body and the pump cover, the oil tank and the oil tank cover with a sealing groove, take the O-ring seal, reliable sealing, convenient assembly and disassembly;
The Oil Separator made of aluminum alloy; attractive appearance; easy replacement.
Pump bearing is offshoring, which separated with the pump chamber,supply oil separately, thus it can avoid impurities or harmful gases get into the bearing, prolong the service life of bearing;
Equipped with an oil pump, which forced lubrication, especially suitable for the pump for a long time under high inlet pressure condition.

Model Ultimate pressure Pumping speed Inlet diam Outlet diam Motor power Cooling water consumption weight
Pa Torr L/s mm mm kw kg/h kg
2H-15 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 15 50 40 2.2 Air-cooling 175
2H-30 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 30 63 50 4 100 380
2H-70 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 70 80 50 7.5 150 710
2H-120 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 120 100 80 11 200 960
2H-150 6×10-2 4.5×10-4 150 100 80 15 200 1020

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