Oil mist eliminator

Oil mist dust remover (also known as oil mist purification equipment, oil mist separator, oil mist filter, oil mist collector, oil mist purifier) is used to solve the workshop environmental problems such as oil mist, water mist or dust in machining.

It is widely used in CNC lathes, cleaning machines, engraving machines, cylindrical grinding machines, surface grinding machines, bearing groove grinding machines, thread grinding machines, hobbing machines, milling machines and gear shaper machines, vacuum pumps, EDM, CNC machining centers, etc.

For example: oil mist eliminator for vacuum pump.

Oil mist eliminator

Vacuum pump oil mist separator, slide valve pump oil mist eliminator, This device can be used in h-8a slide valve pump, h-150 slide valve pump, h-150e vertical slide valve pump, 2h-70am slide valve pump and other vacuum pumps. After the installation of the device, the phenomenon of vacuum pump oil injection is prevented, and the oil loss of vacuum pump is greatly saved. At the same time, there is no oil smoke discharged from the exhaust port, which reduces the environmental pollution.

1. Design function
The air flow direction of this product is from inside to outside, which is suitable for the exhaust end of oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump. Under the condition of rated flow rate, the residual oil rate after separation is 13mg / m3. The filter element can withstand a pressure difference of 1.5bar.

2. Service life
The main performance is the increase of flow resistance, so the service life is mainly related to the cleanliness of oil and the quality of air filter. As long as the system function is normal, the service life can reach more than half a year. –Suitable for all coating machines, mechanical pumps, slide valve pumps (features environmental protection + speed up the machine) to avoid the trouble of chimney.

working principle:
Primary filtration liquid phase capture:
Rotary spiral filter, the solid particles in the medium inhaled will be intercepted first. Through the complete interception of large solid and dust particles in the front section, the pressure of multi-stage filtration at the back end is greatly reduced.
Secondary filtration gas phase interception:
High pressure impact centrifugation is used to separate and intercept liquid mist.
High pressure Collision Technology: aerosol particles are collected by the coarse filter, and the fine particles are completed by step-by-step filter materials. Centrifugal separation and interception of liquid mist: in the air flow, different working pieces collect the medium object directionally, and the most appropriate filter structure and material are selected for different media. Personalized filter screen intercepts aerosol particles: in terms of air flow structure, the inherent structure is improved to reduce resistance and improve efficiency. The F4 produced by DuPont company is selected to treat the surface of each air passage, so that the filtering precision of the machine is high and the service life is long.
Three times of filtration and vacuum mist absorption:
After the oil mist containing fine dust is collected by the third stage separation, the odor and harmful gas can be effectively removed by the rear activated carbon filter, and the clean air is directly discharged into the air through the fan under the negative pressure of the fan.

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