200CFM liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump is widely used in chemical industry

According to the analysis, the main market participants of liquid ring vacuum pump market are providing liquid ring vacuum pump with unique performance based on the capacity of less than 500 CFM, 500 CFM ~ 1500 CFM and more than 1500 CFM. The centralized demand for liquid ring vacuum pump comes from chemical industry, followed by general process industry. It is expected that the demand for liquid ring vacuum pumps in these industries will increase significantly throughout the reporting period.

Higher generation translates into rapid demand growth
In addition, these vacuum pumps should be compatible with the power generation capacity of the plant and require higher capacity. Power generation in Southeast Asia, India and China is expected to increase substantially, thus generating more demand for liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Liquid ring vacuum pump and comparison of energy-saving structure analysis

1. liquid ring vacuum pump application field
Liquid ring vacuum pump is an important production equipment in many industries, mainly used in the following fields: paper industry low vacuum fan, cone-shaped water ring vacuum pump, mesh part, squeezing vacuum system, drying part condensate water heat pump) system, condenser vacuum pumping unit.

Vacuum dewatering of coal washing, gas drainage and ore powder washing in coal, mine and metallurgical industries.
Water injection deoxidation, vacuum refining, vacuum forming, vacuum conveying and vacuum clamping are used in oil production industry.
Chemical industry evaporation, distillation, vacuum filtration, gas compression, monomer recovery, solvent recovery, vacuum drying.
Electric power industry condenser vacuum unit, fly ash negative pressure transmission, gasoline engine seal air extraction, sludge dehydration, condenser gas extraction, flue gas desulfurization.

Negative pressure system of cigarette machine and vacuum moisture return system of tobacco leaf in cigarette industry.
General industrial food and beverage, sugar industry, pharmaceutical industry, packaging and printing industry, plastic and rubber industry, aviation testing.

2. liquid ring vacuum pump structure
At present, there are only two structural designs of liquid ring vacuum pump, all of which are the technology of American Nash: plane type: the air inlet and exhaust port are designed on the plane end face (i.e. circular flat plate); cone type: the air inlet and exhaust port are designed on the cone cylinder.

The liquid ring pump is improved to the cone design, which greatly improves the pumping capacity of the pump. The conical vacuum pump also has a feature that it is allowed to add a condensation nozzle at the inlet of the vacuum pump. Because the inlet and outlet of the conical vacuum pump are much larger than the inlet and outlet of the plane pump, it allows the suction gas to entrain more liquid into the pump body, which has little effect on the efficiency drop of the pump. This feature allows to add a condensation nozzle at the inlet of the vacuum pump to condense the condensable part of the suction gas, thus greatly reducing the volume of the suction pump gas due to condensation, which in fact improves the pumping capacity of the pump, and will bring direct and considerable economic benefits to the factory.

3. Comparing the technology of the conical vacuum pump and the plane vacuum pump, a comparison is made between the new conical vacuum pump and the domestic common plane vacuum pump in terms of structure and performance.

3.1. Major structural improvement, innovation of internal air inlet and exhaust port.
Plane pump: adopt the structure of upper intake and upper exhaust.
Cone vacuum pump: it adopts the structure of upper intake and lower exhaust.

3.2. Plane vacuum pump for improving air extraction:
(1) The plane vacuum pump has small air intake and less air intake.
(2) When the air enters the impeller chamber from the end face, the air passage is not smooth, which directly affects the air extraction.
(3) If the amount of liquid in the suction gas is large, the efficiency of the pump will be greatly affected, so the plane pump can not add cooling water at the inlet of the pump to condense the condensable part of the suction gas.
The improved cone-shaped opening is used as the intake channel, which makes the intake area and intake volume larger.
The cone-shaped opening penetrates into the impeller chamber, making the passage of gas into the pump body unobstructed, so the air extraction rate is improved.

4, conclusion
To sum up, compared with the ordinary plane liquid ring pump, the cone pump has five characteristics, such as large air extraction, energy saving, safety and reliability, long service life and large margin. Through the above comparison, we can see that the cone-shaped liquid ring vacuum pump will have a broader market prospect.

200CFM liquid ring vacuum pump

200CFM liquid ring vacuum pump

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