Vacuum pump in the assembly process of paper industry

Roots vacuum pump used in the assembly process of paper industry. In the paper industry, such as paper making, paper folding or paper packaging, which are widely used in Roots vacuum pump blowers, let’s introduce some information about the assembly process of this equipment today:

1. Read the manual:

This is the most important step before assembling and operating the roots vacuum pump. There is an introduction to assembly and maintenance. We usually put the paper plate together with the vacuum pump

2. Vacuum pump body:

Construct a concrete basement as per drawing of root vacuum blower and reserve holes for anchor bolts. If the root vacuum blower is driven by drive belt, it is easier to fix the common base of Roots blower and motor.

But if your blower is a direct coupled or larger roots blower, you need to assemble the root blower and the motor separately.

3. Accessories of Roots vacuum pump:

Each set of Roots blower pump has many accessories, such as intake filter, outlet muffler, flexible joint, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, check valve, etc. You need to assemble them in place and check that they are in good condition.

4. Inspection before operation:

Such as lubricating oil, grease, V-belt and other accessories or pipes.


Roots vacuum pump features:

1. The principle of two-stage roots blower and common roots blower is forced gas transmission. The flow changes little with the pressure. The outlet pressure is determined by the whole matching fan system. The transportation gas is clean without oil.

2. Two stage series connection, water cooling stage, high pressure can reach 196kpa, low energy consumption, more stable and reliable operation.

3. Special noise reduction design for main engine, low noise.

4. Imported technology, imported processing for key parts, high accuracy of main engine parts, long service life, high reliability, NSK and SKF imported bearings are used.

5. Simple and compact structure, convenient maintenance.

6. Pressure and temperature control to provide operation protection for the whole unit.

7. The two-stage roots blower has high volume efficiency, large air supply, stable operation, reliable use and relatively stable working performance.

We are specialized in the design, production and after-sales service of Roots vacuum pump. For different industries and applications, we have different models, such as paper, power plant dust removal and cleaning, vacuum drying, vacuum packaging, vacuum pressure pneumatic conveying system, etc. welcome to contact us for ordering.

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