Nodular iron ring compressor

Product overview

Products supplier of liquid ring compressor system with wide pressure range and large gas volume in the world. The liquid ring compressor is very suitable for handling toxic, corrosive and explosive gases. Rich experience has been accumulated and widely used in the process of torch gas recovery, chlorine transportation, compression, liquefaction and VCM recovery. Compressor has two kinds of structure: single-stage and double-stage. According to the different treatment medium, it can be made of cast iron, stainless steel, cast steel, nodular iron, 316 stainless steel, composite stainless steel, Hastelloy or titanium.

Ductile liuq liuqid ring compressor

The liquid ring compressor has the following characteristics and advantages:

Double-acting housing: low vibration, low noise and long service life
Cantilever design: less sealing surface, safe and reliable
Cone structure: high efficiency, high discharge pressure (up to 1.5 MPa), low power consumption
The clearance between the cone and the impeller can be adjusted horizontally to avoid efficiency degradation and facilitate maintenance.
Front-end disassembly: easy maintenance.
Engineering compressor: ensure better efficiency in application.
Multi-material selection: reliable operation and long service life
Excellent Performance: High Reliability, Low Operating Cost, Easy Maintenance and Maintenance
The liquid ring compressor is an extension product developed by a two-stage compressor. The compressor is specially designed for harsh working conditions. Compared with other compressors in the same range, it can improve efficiency up to 7%, and has the world-famous reliability and excellent performance.
It can operate at up to 12.5 bar abs (160 psig) and is specially designed for Petroleum-Natural gas and chemical treatment applications requiring higher pressure and performance requirements, including torch gas recovery, steam recovery units, treatment of corrosive gases (such as vinyl chloride and chlorine) and H2S gas desulfurization.

Advantages include:
* Speed: 740-900 rpm
Export pressure: 4.5-12.5 bar abs
* Gas volume: 2700-4000 m3/h
Maintain efficient operation
Strong structural design for harsh working conditions
– Simple design to reduce maintenance and downtime
Various materials can be used: CS, LTCS, 316/CF3M, DUPLEX. 825 alloy titanium and many other materials can be used as required.
Suitable for oil splash, pure oil mist, cleaning oil mist, lubricant circulation, air-oil forced lubrication
Design for high-intensity work requirements, robust structure and easy-to-service design, minimizing maintenance costs and reducing downtime for service and maintenance.
It is a leading manufacturer of liquid ring compressors used in high-demand chemical and Petroleum-Natural gas applications. Through the network of Nash Service Center and on-site service technicians, we provide global service and technical support for liquid ring compressor products worldwide.

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