Vacuum pump in different applications effect

Because the functions of various vacuum pumps are different from each other, except that they can meet the matching point for the container to stop vacuumizing. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that the mission of the vacuum pump in the vacuum system is very tense. The influence of the vacuum pump in various different categories can be summed up in the following aspects.

1. Be the main pump in the system

The so-called main pump is a kind of vacuum pump which can indirectly stop vacuumizing the container of the vacuum system, so as to meet the vacuum degree required by the process request.

2. Crude pump

Crude pump is a kind of vacuum pump which can start things from the beginning of atmospheric pressure to the beginning of another pumping system.

3. Front pump

The front stage pump is a vacuum pump used to maintain the front stage pressure of another pump below its maximum allowable front stage pressure.

4. Maintenance pump

The maintenance pump is an important pre-stage pump which can not be used because the vacuum system is very small. In order to maintain the normal operation of the main pump or the high-pressure vacuum pump needed for the empty container, another kind of vacuum pump with smaller pumping rate is provided in the vacuum system.

5. Coarse vacuum pump or low vacuum pump

Crude vacuum pump and low vacuum pump refer to the vacuum pump which starts from the atmosphere and works in the range of low vacuum or crude vacuum pressure after the pressure of the container is lowered.

6. High vacuum pump

High vacuum pump refers to the vacuum pump in the field of high vacuum.

7. Ultra high vacuum pump
Ultra high vacuum pump refers to the vacuum pump in the ultra-high vacuum category.

8. Booster pump

Booster pump usually refers to the vacuum pump between the low vacuum pump and the high vacuum pump, which is used to improve the pumping capacity of the pumping system in the central pressure range or to reduce the pumping speed of the front stage pump.

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Vacuum pump in different applications effect

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