Liquid ring pump supply

EVP company mainly supplies liquid ring vacuum pump, we can provide you with high quality products, vacuum pump and vacuum pump system is the best solution and pride. Because all the products are carefully through the international brand of high performance of imported the other fittings, so as to ensure the superior quality performance.First-class design team, combined with advanced processing equipment and testing means, makes it have reliable product quality assurance.At the same time, these products can meet various international standards, such as ISO, JIS, API, DIN, BS and so on., It is widely used in building water supply and drainage, industrial water treatment, electronic semiconductor, seawater desalination, energy and electricity, petroleum and chemical industry, iron and steel metallurgy, paint electroplating, medicine and food, textile printing and dyeing, municipal environmental protection,Farmland water, ceramics and paper, shipbuilding and navigation… The nuclear industry and other fields.

Liquid ring pump supply

Liquid ring vacuum pump of  working principle

The 2bv vacuum pump is a single-stage liquid ring vacuum pump that is a new generation of imported products based on imported products that have been improved and designed. Its impeller relative pump shell eccentric installation, impeller rotation and impeller eccentric liquid ring, full of water in the middle of the blade, constantly make periodic reciprocating motion, change the volume in the middle of the blade, in the fixed suction port and exhaust port with the corresponding coordination,Complete the inhalation, compression and exhaust process.

Liquid Ring vacuum pump of  main parameters

Model: 2 bv2-060
Pumping rate: 27m3/h
Ultimate vacuum: 33 mbar (-0.097 MPa)
Allocated power: 0.81KW
Speed: 2840 r/min
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Liquid ring vacuum pump installation

Liquid ring vacuum pump is mainly used to pump air and other gases.It is especially suitable for inhaling gases containing large amounts of water vapor, as well as for inhaling corrosive gases. For example, vacuum distillation and drying in chemical industry; Vacuum degassing and forming in plastics industry; Leather industry vacuum dehydration and so on.Using it as the front section of the Roots vacuum pump can greatly increase the range of use of the Roots vacuum pump.
Liquid ring vacuum pump application field
Pharmaceutical, food processing and other industries vacuum drying and packaging plastics, rubber industry vacuum extrusion and forming liquid degassing, water plant pump vacuum water diversion chemical, textile industry vacuum filtration, distillation and moisture

Liquid ring vacuum pump advantages

1. Reliable quality, through the ISO 9001 quality system certification.
2, the liquid ring vacuum pump is used to suction does not contain solid particles or allow with non-granular dust, insoluble or slightly soluble in the working fluid of the gas.
3. the structure is simple, the structure is compact, the space is saved, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.
4, equipped with flexible valve plate exhaust port, can automatically adjust the exhaust Angle, make the pump in the whole vacuum range of efficient operation.
5. The ultimate vacuum can reach an absolute pressure of 33 mbar, equipped with an atmospheric injector to achieve a higher suction vacuum.
6.shaft seal adopts mechanical seal in the form of standard configuration, which is reliable and reduces the maintenance of equipment.
7, stable and reliable operation, low noise, no need to configure the silencer configuration.
no oil design, low water consumption, good for environmental protection.
9. The flow component materials are various and can meet the requirements of different working conditions.
10. The customer requires a complete set of units, including gas-water separator, heat exchanger, cavitation protection connecting pipe, etc.
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