Air blower for thermoforming

In the production of plastics and thermoplastic plastics, air blower is very important for vacuum deoxidation process of mixer and extruder. In the thermoplastic molding process, the air blower can ensure that the plastic can be accurately and perfectly molded according to the mold.

plastics and thermoplastic plastics

How many kilograms of pressure can an air blower produce?

Air blower is a kind of mechanical equipment with high pressure. The pressure generated is much higher than other centrifugal fans, through Pu fans and medium pressure fans. The commonly used representative units are kPa, mbar, PA, etc.

Then, how many kilograms of pressure can be produced by air blowers? First of all, we should know how to convert them. What is usually said for a kilogram of pressure is: kgf / cm2 = 98.0665kpa, which is about equal to the pressure of 100KPA. If not clear can refer to here: pressure unit conversion.

Air blower for thermoforming

After knowing this relationship, let’s look at the flow rate that the air blower can produce. The fans are divided into single impeller, double impeller, and three impeller styles. The pressure relationship is: single < double < three, and the pressure of three impeller is the maximum. It is represented by the 4gh 630-h67 model.

The rated pressure that can be produced is 104kpa, non limit value, and the limit value can reach 150kPa.

Through the above conversion relationship, it can be concluded that the air blower can produce 1 kg of outlet pressure. To put it in a more popular way, people can blow at a pressure of about 0.1 kg.

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Air blower

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Air blowers

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At present, air blower is widely used in various fields of life and various mechanical equipment.

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