Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Benefits

Vacuum extraction by liquid ring vacuum pump

In a wide variety of machines equipped with flexible use of vacuum technology and mechanical pumps, the vacuum pump is a key commodity that can take into account many people’s many requirements. But how to get the vacuum pump is really a difficult problem, so, the bottom net to give you to share the way to extract the vacuum pump ring vacuum pump.

1. Mechanical method
(1) variable volume pump: is the use of the pump chamber volume of the cycle time conversion to carry out breathing and exhaust pipe to exceed the vacuum objective. This type of pump reciprocating, rotating disc type two.
Angular momentum transfer pump: this is by means of high speed running leaves or high speed water jet, angular momentum to the vapor or vapor molecular structure, so that the vapor continuously from the pump channel to the entrance. Molecular mechanical pumps water vapor jet pumps diffusion pumps belong to this category.
2. Physical method
The vapor trap pump is a kind of mechanical pump that makes the molecular structure of the vapor be absorbed or solidified on the surface of the pump.
(1) sorption pump: a trap pump that vacuums by virtue of the physical sorption effect of a large area of catalyst support, such as a porous structural chemical.
Breathalyzer pump: this is a pump that USES breathalyzer to capture vapors by organic chemical means. Respirators are typically metallic materials or aluminum alloys that exist in the form of small pieces or stacks of fresh plastic film.
(3) breathing agent ionization pump: this is to make the weak electrolyte vapor according to the effect of electrostatic field or magnetic field absorption in the breathing raw material on the surface, in order to exceed the purpose of vacuum. It can be done in two ways:
(1) volatile ionization pump: a mechanical pump in which the gas in the pump is adsorbed by a weak electrolyte on the breathing raw material that is lifted (or volatilized) by an interrupted or continuous process in the pump cavity to maintain a vacuum.
(2) unintentional liu ionization pump: a pump in which weak electrolyte gas is adsorbed by the pump in the breathing raw material continuously spattered out by the negative electrode to maintain the vacuum objective.

Thus, the key to the liquid ring vacuum pump to the detailed introduction of the mechanical and physical methods to extract the vacuum pump, can also be used in a variety of forms, to ensure that people get the vacuum pump is in accordance with the quality provisions, we must have a certain grasp and understanding of the content.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Benefits

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Benefits

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