Vacuum pump 2BV5

Vacuum pump 2BV5 product introduction:

When the liquid ring vacuum pump works for a long time under the suction pressure approaching the limit vacuum, the cavitation protection tube should be connected to protect the pump and eliminate cavitation sound. When used as a compressor, the pressure is superior to 0.26MPa(absolute pressure). When it is used as a compressor, the power of 2BV pump will increase with the increase of exhaust pressure. When ordering, the exhaust pressure should be indicated to select the appropriate motor power.

Vacuum pump 2BV5

Because 2 bv5 series water ring vacuum pump is not sensitive to water vapor, 100% oil free design, the material of pump can be combined flexibly according to the customer request, free maintenance, and easy installation etc., since the scale of production has been concentrated in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), vacuum molding machine, vacuum, chemical industry, vacuum distillation and vacuum conveying technology is widely used in other industries.

Vacuum pump 2BV5 features:

Vacuum pump flat disc design, aluminum bronze impeller, imported bearing and mechanical seal, clearance ring of impeller imported from Germany, strict dynamic balance and air volume, vacuum degree test, to ensure efficient and long life operation. Widely used in blister machine, carving machine, traditional Chinese medicine concentrator, chemical distillation tower, sterilization cabinet and other processes and electronic, chemical, electric power, papermaking and other industries

Vacuum pump 2BV5 product parameters:

Curve No. Model Max. suction capacity Ultimate vacuum
Motor power
Operating liquidflow rate
m3/min m3/h
60V 2BV2-060 0.45 27 33mbar
0.81 2840 2.5 62 37
61V 2BV2-061 0.86 52 1.45 2840 2.5 65 41
70V 2BV2-070 1.33 80 2.35 2860 3 66 66
71V 2BV2-071 1.83 110 3.85 2880 4.7 72 85
110V 2BV5-110 2.75 165 4 1440 7.2 63 120
111V 2BV5-111 3.83 230 5.5 1440 8.8 68 150
121V 2BV5-121 4.66 280 7.5 1440 11 69 210
131V 2BV5-131 6.66 400 11 1460 16 73 280
161V 2BV5-161 8.33 500 15 970 22 74 390
110V 2BV6-110 2.75 165 4 1440 67 63 150
111V 2BV6-111 3.83 230 5.5 1440 10 68 200
121V 2BV6-121 4.66 280 7.5 1440 12 69 230
131V 2BV6-131 6.66 400 11 1460 17 73 315
161V 2BV6-161 8.33 500 15 970 23 74 426

Vacuum pump 2BV5 product advantages:

* coaxial pump direct connection design, easy to install.
* high reliability
* easy maintenance
* mechanical seal as standard
* 100% oil-free design, conducive to environmental protection
* smooth operation, noise can be as low as 62 db
* with self-priming function, easy to operate
* uniform corrosion resistant design
* can be used to form a vacuum or generate pressure
* reliable quality, manufacturing in accordance with ISO9001 standard

The overall design is overbearing

In the coaxial liquid ring pump family of machine pumps, 2bv5/6 is characterized by its high pumping volume, up to 600m3/h(360cfm). It is mainly used in the pumping medium containing a large amount of liquid. Moreover, when the suction can condense, the 2bv5/6 liquid ring pump also ACTS as a condenser, thus increasing its suction capacity.

Compact design, save space

Compared to conventional water ring pumps, our single-stage 2bv5/6 compact design means they only need half the installation space of the old water ring pump. This makes them suitable for extruders and chemical plants, or even cabinet installations.

Wear-free design, reliable performance

In improving this type of liquid ring pump, we have been concerned about its long life and high reliability. Our 2bv5/6 can run continuously for up to 20,000 hours without any maintenance even under severe operating conditions. The improved stainless steel shaft, self-lubricating bearing and the pump shell lined with anti-wear material can effectively prevent wear and ensure its long-term stable performance even when transporting the medium containing solid materials.

Low noise, smooth operation

Optimized fluid technology, refined product and fine balance ensure its low operating noise and high operating stability. The noise pressure is lower than 73dB(A), and our 2bv5/6 meets strict noise standards, so it is not necessary to adopt any other noise reduction measures

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