How much is price of air compressors?

What is the price of air compressor? The price of air compressor will be different due to different manufacturers, different brands, and whether customers have special requirements for air compressor. Therefore, the price of each air compressor cannot be generalized. Generally speaking, professional manufacturers have advanced technology and reasonable price. Customers usually don’t need to worry about the price of air compressor. EVP company is a professional air compressor manufacturer, reasonable price, is a regular manufacturer.

The price of air compressor should be selected according to the amount and pressure of exhaust gas required by customers, and if post-treatment equipment is needed, the price will be different according to the actual situation of customers. In addition, due to regional differences, the price of air compressor will be different. So the price of air compressor depends on different situations.

Air compressors are used in all manufacturing processes and industrial applications that require compressed air.

How to choose industrial air compressor?

To choose the right air compressor, first of all, you need to determine the frequency of service according to the application of compressed air requirements.

You also need to know if the compressor can be transported, or whether it can be installed in one place. You also need to know if the compressor can be transported, or whether it can be installed in one place.

Another important factor to consider is the continuous operation time of the compressor. Manufacturers usually indicate the duty cycle of their products. This duty cycle determines how long the compressor can run in an hour. The compressor with a duty ratio of 30% can only run for 18 minutes and must be cooled for 42 minutes. If you choose this type of compressor, you need to make sure that the 18 minute operating time is enough to charge the air tank to a suitable pressure for 1 hour.

Air compressor can use different portable pneumatic tools: hammer drill, nail gun, pneumatic screwdriver, circuit breaker, air spray gun, paint spraying machine, sandblasting machine, etc.

Fixed or portable air compressors can also play an important role in industrial or agricultural fields, such as:

Use pneumatic tools on the production line to eject parts from the mold.
Blow the shape of a bottle or jar.
Provide cylinders.
Sand blasting for the surface of finish machined metal parts.
Spray crops.
Greenhouse ventilation, etc

What is the main power source of air compressor?

The cheapest compressors are power driven, but also the lowest power, especially single-phase compressors.
There are also compressors with internal combustion engines (diesel or gasoline engines). Compressors with internal combustion engines are usually used externally due to their exhaust emissions.

How much is price of air compressors?

How much is price of air compressors?

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