vacuum pump in autoclaveable

In recent years, with the rapid development of Stomatology, the disinfection methods in dental clinics are gradually enriched, the level of disinfection is rapidly improved, and the disinfection work is on the track of standardization and legalization.

The importance of sterilization and disinfection of oral instruments lies in the control of infection and infection, the promotion of patients’ visit rate, and the improvement of medical quality in hospitals and clinics. So in the face of many production brands, how to choose the right high-pressure sterilization equipment?

Scope of application:

Dental clinic, dental hospital, emergency center, laboratory, veterinary hospital, beauty salon, tattoo room and other relevant units or departments that need solid and hollow equipment sterilization.

Sterilization temperature and pressure: 121 ℃± 1, pressure 1.1bar; 134 ℃± 1, Pressure 2.1bai; It can inactivate HIV, HBV and their virus spores; strong negative vacuum drying ensures the dryness of the sterilized equipment; it has the functions of steam penetration test, vacuum test and screw test; its internal two important parts: vacuum pump and steam generator have made important upgrades; the vacuum pump adopts metal shell, with fast heat dissipation and unique internal mold Chip structure, much higher efficiency than ordinary vacuum pump; SUS304 stainless steel, closed fluid channel, large flow, no air leakage; superior safety performance: safety valve, manual door lock, pressure locking system, fault self inspection, over temperature and over pressure protection; water supply system: built in open water tank, 12 & 18L clean water tank volume: 3.5L, 23L Volume of clean water tank: 4L; preparation of sterilization room: 5-layer movable tray frame, equipped with 3 trays; chamber adopts stainless steel 304 for treatment, with maximum working pressure of 2.3bar, minimum working pressure of – 0.9bar and maximum working temperature of 145 ℃; noise: < 50dB; single sterilization water consumption: 0.16l ~ 0.18l; such configuration and function can better meet the needs of dental clinic.

Sterilization methods and principles

All kinds of dental devices, including dental mobile phones, root canal treatment devices, tooth extraction devices, surgical treatment devices, periodontal treatment devices, dressings, etc., which contact with the patient’s wounds, blood, damaged mucous membranes or enter the sterile tissue of human body, must achieve the sterilization effect before use. The dental clinic instruments that contact the patient’s mucous membrane and skin, including oral examination instruments such as mouth glasses, probes, dental tweezers, various physical measuring instruments used for auxiliary treatment, impression trays, mouthwash cups, etc., must be disinfected before use. All items such as repair of body fluid and blood, orthodontic model, etc. that contact with the patient must be disinfected before being sent to the technician’s room for operation.

There are many kinds of disinfection methods, which can be roughly divided into two categories: one is physical disinfection, such as boiling, high-pressure steam, ultraviolet, the other is chemical disinfection, such as bleaching powder, Xu dialdehyde, Xin Jieer Mie, ethylene oxide, etc. Principles for selection of various disinfection methods: physical methods should be selected first, because their effect is feasible and the method is simple. High pressure steam sterilization is considered to be the most effective sterilization method.


vacuum pump in autoclaveable

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