Rotary vane vacuum pump technology

Rotary vane vacuum pump is not unfamiliar to everyone. It can be said that many industries are inseparable from rotary vane vacuum pump. Through investigation, it was found that many customers had problems using rotary vane vacuum pump. They can’t solve problems by looking for professionals. Many people make mistakes in customer self-repair. Now EVP professional engineers and you will talk about rotary vane vacuum pump technology.

Rotary vane vacuum pump prevents oil return effectively

If the oil hole is connected with the pump chamber or the seal of the exhaust valve, shaft seal, pump cover plane, intake pipe and air ballast valve is not strict when the rotary vane vacuum pump is stopped, the oil will return to the pump chamber because of the existence and force of the liquid level difference and the pressure difference between the oil tank and the pump chamber when the pump chamber is in the vacuum state. When the oil volume is large enough, the oil will return to the intake pipeline, forming a large resistance at the next start. Rotary blade and rotor are under great stress, exhaust valve is under great stress, and starting is difficult, which affects the life of components and reduces the reliability of pumps. Therefore, we should try to avoid shutting down the pump and returning oil. The principle is to cut off the oil circuit when the pump stops, eliminate the negative pressure of the pump chamber, reduce the liquid level difference and reduce the amount of oil returned.

Rotary vane vacuum pump technology

rotary vane vacuum pump technical maintenance:

1. Separate the oil near the exhaust valve from other oil, and the oil level is only slightly higher than the partition wall.
2. Move the fuel tank and exhaust valve to the side to reduce the oil level and the amount of oil.
3. The seat plane should be flat and the disc should be stretched.
4. Shaft seal River static sealing parts should be firmly changed in time.
5. The oil level is only slightly higher than that of the oil inlet by adding pipes into the oil hole.
6. Set up the check valve mechanism to automatically close the oil intake hole when the pump stops.
7. Set up the oil pump and auxiliary mechanism, cut off the oil circuit when stopping the pump.
8. Pump mouth is equipped with an inflatable valve.
9. Install the entrance container.

Rotary vane vacuum pump technology operation:

1. Check oil level. Oil level should be in the center of the oil mark, too low oil level can not seal the exhaust valve, affecting the vacuum; too high oil level can cause fuel injection when starting. Before operation, first take off the triangle belt, turn the motor to correct, then start, in order to avoid fuel injection. When running, the oil level rises slightly, which is a normal phenomenon. When the oil quantity is insufficient, vacuum pump No. L is used to add oil from the filling hole. Oil must be filtered to prevent impurities from entering and blocking oil holes.

2. If a solenoid valve is installed at the pump mouth of a rotary vane vacuum pump, it should be operated simultaneously with the pump.

3. When starting the rotary vane vacuum pump, the start button should be first or twice activated so that the oil pressure in the pump chamber can reach the tank, and then start and run formally.

4. When ambient temperature is high, oil temperature increases, viscosity decreases and saturated vapor increases, which will cause the limit vacuum to drop. Ventilation and heat dissipation should be strengthened.

5. Compressed mercury vacuum gauge should be used to check the limit vacuum of the pump. The vacuum gauge should be connected directly with the pump mouth. It will reach the limit vacuum within 30 minutes.

6. Before shutting down the rotary vane vacuum pump, the valve at the suction port should be closed, isolated from the vacuum system, and then shut down the pump.

7. Pumps with air ballast valves should be opened when there is more condensable steam in the suction gas.

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