micro-metering valve

High vacuum micro-metering valve of brief introduction

The high vacuum micro-metering valve is a precision control valve driven by hand. It is reasonable in structure design, beautiful in appearance, and has the advantages of high accuracy, small volume, reliable use and good sealing performance. It is used for regulating vacuum and gas flow in vacuum system. The valve is operated by turning the adjusting knob on the hand and driving the needle by lifting the thread. The valve’s medium is air or a small amount of corrosive gas.

micro-metering valve

micro-metering valve is the abbreviation of vacuum fine-tuning valve, also known as vacuum needle valve. The vacuum fine-tuning valve is used to inflate the vacuum system and can accurately adjust the intake flow to control and adjust the vacuum degree in the system. The suitable working medium is air without particle dust and non corrosive gas. The vacuum fine-tuning valve mainly includes high vacuum fine-tuning valve, ferrule type micro regulating valve and high-precision fine-tuning valve.

Micro-metering valve of application
micro-metering valve is widely used in petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, oil, natural gas, nuclear industry, power station, shipbuilding, metallurgy, heavy machinery, scientific research institutes and other industries.

High vacuum micro-metering valve of characteristics
It adopts fine thread structure design, with high adjustment precision;
The shaft seal is made of fluororubber, and the valve body is welded with stainless steel, so the leakage rate is small;
The valve needle and valve stem are designed separately, and ball seat is installed at the joint, which can prolong the service life of valve needle and valve seat, and is convenient for maintenance.
High vacuum manual micro-metering valve, DN = 0.8mm, kf-kf flange

High vacuum micro-metering valve of main performance indexes:
Regulation range: 1 × 10-5pa ~ 1.2 × 105Pa
Minimum adjustable flow rate: 4.7 × 10-3pa · L / S
Pressure difference on valve needle when opening: ≤ 1.2 × 105Pa in any direction
Leakage rate of valve body and valve seat: < 1.3 × 10-7pa · L · S-1
Recommended number of cycles before first maintenance: 3000
Baking temperature of valve body: ≤ 150 ℃
Installation position: any
Valve position indication: with dial indication-

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