Roots vacuum pump for GRC light plate production

How about roots vacuum pump in GRC light plate production?

The raw materials of GRC light plate are alkali resistant glass fiber and low alkali cement, which occupy a unique position in the construction. The product is mainly used as ceiling, and part of it is used as partition wall panel or external insulation material. GRC light plate manufacturers want to introduce GRC application technology into a new development stage, so we are looking for new vacuum technology application solutions. After studying the actual situation, the technicians come to the conclusion: Roots vacuum pump in the application of GRC portable tablet computer, and then the small editor will introduce it to you.

Roots vacuum pump

The application of Roots vacuum pump in GRC light plate is mainly vacuum dehydration process.

The characteristics of vacuum dehydration are as follows

Roots vacuum pump dewatering device can ensure the effective extrusion of suction cup on the surface of the wood board, which is conducive to concrete dehydration. In addition, it has the following characteristics:

(1) The surface flatness of the dewatering plate is good, because the filter cloth dehydration device acts on the board and can transmit the vacuum pressure evenly distributed, so the plate surface is flat, comfortable and free without cloth and depression.

(2) At the same time, the dehydration capacity can be doubled.

(3) Due to the uniform distribution of vacuum and low dehydration resistance, the surface and edge of GRC board are evenly dehydrated with good compactness, so that the products are evenly dehydrated.

(4) The flexible suction cup on the working face eliminates the sealing edge of fixed four sides, and can adapt to the change of plate size, so as to achieve the purpose of multi-functional suction cup.

(5) The utility model has good performance and solves the problem that the filter layer of various household dehydration devices is blocked by cement mortar in the process of using filter holes and hard filter cloth.

(6) The operation is simple and convenient. The laying process and rinsing procedure of filter cloth are omitted. It can be done once and rolled up at one time. The working conditions can be improved by saving labor and time.

Roots vacuum pump for GRC light plate production

The lightweight GRC plate is dehydrated by roots vacuum pump. The new demoulding technology has the advantages of less investment (reducing steel mold by more than 60%), high speed, simple equipment and easy operation, etc., and the new technology is used in the production of new technology. The lightweight GRC board has the characteristics of good compactness, low water absorption, uniform strength and no delamination. Compared with the lightweight GRC board produced by direct injection molding process in the past, it can increase the strength by 10%. Above, the water absorption is reduced by 5% or more, and the material cost per square meter is reduced. The application of vacuum dewatering unit and instant demoulding vacuum cleaner in light GRC board fills the blank of light GRC Plate production equipment.

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