Oil free vacuum pump used in plastic extrusion machinery for degassing

Oil free vacuum pump belongs to dry vacuum pump. The oil-free vacuum pump is applied to the plastic extrusion machine for degassing. The plastic extrusion degassing system provided is specially developed for degassing the plastic melt in the extruder. In this field, our company has many years of rich experience. Plastic extrusion degassing system is usually equipped with oil-free vacuum pump, which is extremely energy-saving and suitable for variable frequency motor.

The reason why we choose oil-free vacuum pump to realize the continuous speed control of this kind of equipment is that this oil-free vacuum pump has more advantages.

Oil free vacuum pump has the following advantages:

1. The vacuum degree is as high as – 98kpa, leading in the industry.

2. It s equipped with rubber shock pad, which makes the operation more stable.

3. 100% oil-free and maintenance free.

4. Mute and control the noise at about 55dB.

5. Small size and beautiful appearance.

6. It is equipped with overload protector, which will not burn out due to overload.

Oil free vacuum pump is used in plastic extrusion machinery for degassing, drying, transfer vacuum technology used in various processes of plastic industry.


Extruder degassing

During the processing, the thermoplastic melts in the extruder and degasses in the screw section of the extruder. A vacuum device is used to extract gas and steam components from the melt. Extract all low molecular substances to obtain the best thermoplastic quality, with smooth appearance, higher strength, better insulation performance and lower gas generation speed.

Forming table (section)

The continuous profile of the melted and degassed plastic material entering the set table in the extruder. Usually, these parts are in tubes, or in various technical parts, such as windows, suitcases and medical tubes. Pull the plastic material into the mold. For cooling and lubrication, a water film is formed between the inner part of the die and the continuous workpiece, and the air is stably discharged through the oil-free vacuum pump.

Only dry vacuum pumps can be used in this application. The traditional vacuum pump has the disadvantage that the working fluid is polluted: the extracted gas and water vapor will mix with the working fluid of the vacuum pump. Water ring vacuum pump will cause working fluid pollution, which will cost water treatment cost or increase maintenance cost. In this environment, oil lubricated vacuum pump also needs high maintenance cost, and its working oil and filter element must be replaced frequently. Therefore, it is the most appropriate to select oil-free vacuum pump to be used in this field, and it is the most suitable vacuum equipment in our company’s opinion that oil-free vacuum pump is used in plastic extrusion machinery for degassing

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