air blower for dental suction

Special high pressure blower for dental aspirator

The special high pressure blower for dental spreader is placed in the dental spreader system through the high pressure suction force of the special vacuum pump for dental spreader, which can attract the saliva produced during the dental process. The high strength suction system of this equipment can provide a clean, dry and clear oral environment for doctors, making it easier for doctors to carry out the treatment work, and will not interrupt the work due to the patient’s swallowing condition reaction.

air blower air blower for dental suction

A clean, relaxed dentist ensures excellent quality of service and treatment. The cross infection can be effectively prevented by removing the air mist with bacteria. Cleanliness and hygiene are the best welfare for the patient. Modern high speed therapeutic devices (such as high speed air turbine mobile phones) may produce aerosol during treatment, and these tiny particles will float in the air for a long time if they are not inhaled and collected in time. A study found that the equivalent of 0.12 l of aerosols inhaled within 15 minutes posed a high risk of infection for everyone in the office. The dental suction system is ideal.

How to avoid the fault of high pressure blower in use

In the use of high pressure blower should pay attention to the following problems, to avoid due to improper use or thoughtless damage and use of the impact.

1. Voltage condition

Attention should be paid to the stability of the voltage during use, especially in some remote areas or places close to the power generation area, such as instability can be installed voltage stabilizer or protector, etc.

2. Surroundings

High pressure blower should be installed in the dry cleaning place, such as the surrounding environment is not good need for filtration equipment, if the water vapor absorption, need to install oil and gas separation equipment, liquid and high concentration is not allowed to enter the blower directly.

3. Load condition

For the load, each high pressure blower on the name brand has rated current, no matter what type of blower, is not allowed to overload for a long time, if the current is too high, it means the resistance is too large, or the model is small, resulting in small horse cart, in the long run, there will be a problem.

4. Pay attention to fever

If the high pressure blower in use, the calorimeter is very large, need to check what is, under normal circumstances, the intake temperature is recommended within 60 degrees, the front pump head within 110 degrees.

Other such as vibration situation, if the vibration shake too much, you can check whether the bearing has reached its service life, a new replacement can be.

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