roots blower for shrimp farm

Can I use roots blower to raise shrimp?

Can roots blower be used in shrimp farming? In fact, roots blower is more and more widely used in industry. Roots blower can be used not only in shrimp farming, but also in crab. We also have a lot of customer cases of shrimp farming, roots blower shrimp, less harm to shrimp.

roots blower for shrimp farm

Our clients also have aquaculture:

1. Fish
There are a lot of fish, including some fry cultivation bases, freshwater fish and seawater fish breeding customers have, fish friends all over the world, there are customer cases, friends who need reference, you can contact our online customer service.

2. Shrimps
Most shrimps are fry cultivation, and some are crayfish breeding customers. Before summer comes, there are more consultation customers for shrimp breeding.

3. Crabs
There are a lot of crab breeding, crab breeding water depth is about 80 cm, breeding area is different, consulting crab breeding friends is relatively small.

Roots blower of features:

1. It is small in size and small in space. It is made of resin sand precision casting, so it has beautiful appearance, compact structure and reliable quality.

2. Large flow rate, stable and reliable aeration. According to the characteristics of aquaculture pressure is generally low, special design and development, aquaculture special fan has the characteristics of low pressure, large flow, high power consumption and low efficiency! Compared with ordinary Roots fan, the same flow type can save energy by 50%.

3. Reliable quality and stable operation. The bearings of the whole machine are all high-precision NSK Bearings imported from Japan. This bearing has high speed and good quality, and the gear is processed by 6-level precision hard surface grinding, so the product quality is guaranteed!

roots blower

Shrimp pond with roots blower 125 caliber first look at the parameters in the selection price, please see here~

In the aquaculture industry, more and more aquaculture households use roots blower to aerate aquatic products. The effect of this kind of aquaculture aerator is very good, and more and more are used by large-scale industrial breeding bases. For non-technical breeding friends, they don’t know much about roots blower. Today, I’d like to give you an interpretation.

1. Roots blower
Roots blower is a kind of forced gas conveying fan, which can overcome certain pressure and deliver a certain amount of air. In the face of pressure fluctuation, the change of air volume is very small.

2. How it works
Roots blower is forced to transport gas, equipped with microporous aeration pipe, part of the aeration pipe is laid at the bottom of the pond, one end is connected with the blower, and the blower is turned on to deliver oxygen to the bottom of the tank.

3. System advantages
The main feature of microporous aeration is to increase the dissolved oxygen in the pool. The increase of dissolved oxygen means that more fish, shrimp and crabs can be cultured per unit area.
Because the pipeline is laid at the bottom of the pond, microporous aeration can stir up and down the exchange of water body, so as to achieve the effect of microbial exposure and sterilization.

4. Selection knowledge
There are two important parameters for the selection of Roots blower. One is the air volume and the other is the pressure. There is air volume and pressure for accurate selection. Without these two parameters, we will provide the aquaculture area and water depth for your recommendation.

Many friends know the power of the motor before using the fan. It is not very accurate to select the type according to the motor power. There are also many parameters of 125 caliber fan, and there are many motor power adaptations. Therefore, even if the same model is configured with different motors, the price is also very different.

If you have the above selection parameters, you can send the parameters to us, and we will arrange the staff to send you the specific price list to you.

roots blowers

Notes on installation of Roots blower in shrimp pond! First time use of friends, please see here!

Today, I would like to summarize the installation of Roots blower in shrimp pond

1. Installation foundation
The installation foundation of Roots blower is generally on the cement platform. According to the drawings given by roots blower manufacturer in advance, the foundation shall be made and the reserved holes for fan bolts shall be made. The foundation should be level and not inclined.

2. Is the fan installed in the open air?
Try not to install it in the open environment, which is easy to cause fan failure. Generally, it is installed in the machine room. If there is no machine room, please cover the fan and build a simple canopy.

3. Components installed in Roots blower
The inlet end and outlet end of Roots blower are protected by stickers. For the fan purchased by us, first turn the belt pulley of the fan to observe whether it can be turned smoothly, which indicates that the fan is normal.
First of all, when installing the muffler and muffler components at the inlet and outlet, please remember to install them at the inlet and outlet.

4. Precautions for commissioning
After the installation of each component, connect the power supply, and then conduct the test run. Before the test run, the oil tank of the fan should be filled with lubricating oil, and the test run should not be carried out under load. The outlet should be vented during the test run, and no-load test should be carried out without connecting the pipeline. After the normal operation of the fan, there is no abnormal situation, and the unit will be shut down after 30 minutes.

5. Pipe diameter problem
When we lay PVC pipes and nanotubes in advance, if the diameter of the pipes is not consistent, we can purchase a reducing diameter for treatment

6. Operation and maintenance of Roots blower
Use and maintenance cycle, please operate according to the operation manual, keep the operation manual well, and maintain the fan well.

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